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2015 Has Been an Awesome Year my surprise, I have accomplished and brought back almost everything I wanted to in my vision board so far. I firmly believe a key part of this success was intention setting- I wanted it to be an awesome year, so I made a specific plan for how I wanted to make it happen.

This year I’ve really cultivated an active lifestyle. I’ve gotten back into dancing regularly, have been playing tennis again with a consistent partner, and I’ve started playing a new sport- ultimate Frisbee. I’ve made an effort to start cooking more of my meals. I have looked out for new experiences, such as going to a mosque to observe a prayer, going to a goth club, and exploring outdoor cliffs barefoot. I’ve developed more of a positive outlook, have reduced my stress, and have increased my compassion for others. Now that I’m in a healthy and stable place, I have been better able to be a rock for others who have not been as fortunate. I’ve learned how to let go of things that weren’t meant for me, even though it is still not easy.

Something that has really helped me get back on my feet is that I’ve started putting myself out of my comfort zone again. I’ve gotten reacquainted with that feeling of discomfort that I get when I first take on something new. Some of the things I’ve been doing have included driving more places and on my own. Even though I still have fears with driving, particularly at night, I have gotten braver with this and have managed to keep calm. Another thing I’ve done is continue to show up to ultimate Frisbee even though I felt like I was one of the worst players there at first; now through consistent practice, I’m a valued player. I also have gone out of my way to participate in class again, and I developed meaningful relationships with two of my professors by going to their office hours. Through adding on a Counseling and Social Change minor as well, I’ve realized that I want to focus my efforts on becoming a counseling psychologist.

I have also prioritized working on and maintaining my mental health this year. I’ve experienced a lot of benefits from doing yoga- it has helped me sleep better, have better posture, and feel much calmer and composed. Recently I’m trying meditation as well to see if I can add in that practice. I feel much more emotionally stable, happier, calmer, and healthier now.

I think having a regular exercise schedule, and making it fun through activities like dance, ultimate Frisbee, and tennis, has really made me a happier person. Occasionally, I do fall back into old patterns and anxiety does creep in, but overall I’ve been doing really well. From here, I would like to focus on babysitting my nephew every two weeks (or at least more often), learning how to be more comfortable on a bike, improving my confidence and voice level, and continuing to work on managing my emotions. I am thinking of making another vision board for the rest of the year for what I would like to add in to my progress. I hope you all have been taking care of yourselves, and that your year has been a good one so far!

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7 thoughts on “2015 Has Been an Awesome Year

  1. Are you thinking counseling psychologist as a career path? I remember early on you were thinking about international business (or something along those lines) It is encouraging to hear you are doing well. Love the update! 😉 DM

    • I am! 🙂 Haha yeah I’ve had several different ideas and hasn’t been easy for me to decide. Aw thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well too! I have been pretty fortunate this year. I know several others who have not been so lucky though and have had a rough year. I’m actually in Iowa right now, but will be heading out pretty shortly on Thursday. Got here Saturday night and been spending it with family here.

  2. Great to hear that, Brittany. I hope it continues like that. Psychology is an interesting field – I’m in it myself. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

    • Thank you Matthew! 🙂 I hope so too! So far so good. Very nice! Are you or were you a Psych major? I’ve always thought psychology was really interesting and I’ve wanted to take more classes. Thanks for reading and writing!

      • Yes, I have a Bachelors degree in psychology which I finished this year. I will be moving on to post grad next year. It is indeed very interesting if you follow the paths in it that capture your attention most. Don’t worry about the stuff that doesn’t interest you in the field – and there will be quite a bit – just stick with what excites you and it will lead you on to better stuff.

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