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Blogging Connections & Meeting in Person

Hey all. I know it’s been a few months since I’ve written. I could tell you that I’ve been very busy with school and adjusting to a new city. Or, I could instead let you imagine that I’ve been on an epic mission to Mars teaching Martians to dance and do an array of moves that may or may not stoop as low as the funky chicken. Up to you. But in all seriousness, I hope this post finds you all healthy and happy. And that you’ve had a wonderful holiday and are enthusiastic for the New Year.

Thankfully I’ve had some more time recently on my Christmas break to read some of the blog posts of blogging friends and those who I take inspiration from. This has rejuvenated my spirits and made me grateful for this creative outlet and source of interconnectivity. I’ve said it before, but blogging truly can bring you in touch with some great people and be a source of motivation. I smile when reading a lot of your posts and feel a real connection to you. Even though I haven’t been posting as much, I’m happy to have been receiving several emails from readers and to have you continue to share and confide in me. I’m always honored, even if I can’t get back to you as quickly as I used to.

To go further into the topic of connections, I’ve been meaning to write that I was able to meet my very first blogging friend, Doug, and his wife Micaela, in the flesh this past summer. I was in the Midwest visiting family and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it work to meet up with him, but I decided to send him a message anyway. It had been a long while since we had talked, but Doug was delighted to hear from me and excited at the idea of meeting. So I pulled out the charm to convince my parents that this would be a rare opportunity, and thankfully they went out of their way so it could happen.

Meeting him in person was wonderful. I was nervous at first, but once he and Micaela came out front and greeted us with hugs I immediately felt at ease. My family felt comfortable with them quickly too, especially upon seeing their apple orchard, chickens, and adorable dog. Doug and I both said it felt like we had met before or were family. We chatted for a little while, explored their back yard, and snapped a picture before heading off on our journey to Illinois with one last hug and a nice card from them both. I left smiling, happy for the chance to meet and to strengthen a connection made through the blogging sphere. It’s truly a unique opportunity.

If you have any thoughts on the value of the blogging sphere or about blogging friends you’ve been able to form a real connection to or have met up with even, please share below! I’d love to hear your stories. More to come soon!

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6 thoughts on “Blogging Connections & Meeting in Person

  1. It was a delight to meet you in person Brittany! I know how it is when you’re on the road traveling and just want to get home (or the next destination) so I was especially appreciative that you and your family did take the time to swing by on the way to your next stop. You are at a busy time of life in college, so no pressure from me to write blog posts 🙂 although I do enjoy reading along. We just spent a week in NYC and one of the highlights was meeting one of my regular blog commentors for the first time. Just like when I met you, it felt like we’d known each other for years…an instant connection. She told us, a family member told her right before she left to meet us, that we weren’t “real” friends…she disagreed, and so do I. When we open out lives to other people on a deeper way (like you do when you write here) we get to know the real person in a way we many times don’t , even though we are physically present with them. We get to know each others hearts…so when a person finally does meet them in the flesh, the connection is deep and real. DM

    • Very true Doug, totally agree that when we reach out to each other on our blogs and the blogs are pretty open and revealing, it is a legitimately meaningful connection even when you haven’t met the person. You do have to be careful sometimes, but discounting the people as not “real” friends kind of devalues this form of connection and isn’t all that open minded to how things can develop. So glad we got the chance to meet up, and it’s awesome that you were recently in NYC and got to meet another blogging friend! And that it was another instant connection! That’s so wonderful. 🙂 Thanks for writing this thoughtful response!

  2. Dont forget us faithful fans lol… the toastmaster buddies…

  3. Blogging has definitely lead me to connect with some amazing girls! It’s so encouraging to meet other twenty-somethings fearlessly chasing their dreams 🙂

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