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Swing Dance Crazy

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of swing dancing.  I was first introduced to swing dance when my brother Andrew took me to a dance in Golden Gate Park when I was 13 or so.  I remember I only danced with two other people than my brother then, because I wasn’t as comfortable dancing with others and didn’t know as much about the dance as I know now.

Recently, I went to San Diego for my brother Andrew’s wedding.  At his wedding, we did a lot of swing dancing because Andrew and a majority of his friends are all really talented swing dancers.  I had a blast and I had the time of my life when Andrew, Liz, and Dewey and I took the stage and did an impromptu lindy dance in front of everybody.  At one point my brother picked me up and spun me around, and other times I was jumping in the air as he kicked between my legs.  The dance was intense because it ended up being to an 8 minute song called “Bill’s Bounce”, which wasn’t intended to be played during the dance session, but it was really fun.

I went swing dancing the following Wednesday and Friday with my brother’s best friend Jack as well, and had a great time.  I made some new friends, and learned some new dances.  I was sad when I had to leave on Saturday because I had enjoyed dancing in San Diego so much and meeting the people there.

Swing dancing is a great way to make new friends.  It’s a social dance, so you dance with as many people as you can and will meet lots of people.  And several of the people who are swing dancers tend to be pretty cool people from my experience.  There seems to always be a few creepy guys at every venue, but you learn to spot them and set your boundaries with them if they are bothering you.

I think whenever you find something that you are passionate about and get involved in it boosts your confidence as well.  The trick with getting involved in any type of dancing is being ok with not being good at it at first.  This is a hard thing to accept sometimes because you’re dancing with other people and want to do well, but with anything it’s going to take time to get better at something.  A lot of people try it and give up right away because it seems too hard, but if they would stick with it a little longer they would see that each time they practice they are getting better.  I’m very glad that my brother introduced me to swing dance when I was young, and I know it will be something that I will continue to do all my life.

To see what kind of swing dancing we were doing, here’s a video.  This style of swing dance is called lindy hop.


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12 thoughts on “Swing Dance Crazy

  1. Awesome! That’s a great video. Good for you! It takes courage to get up on stage! I took ballet lessons last year. And you are right about not doing well at first – and learning to be ok with that! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. i saw this style of dance for the 1st time last year it look so much fun will try it someday god willing 😀

  3. Interesting. I have never seen such dance. Thanks for sharing and good luck to you.

  4. patricia60 on said:

    Nice post and good sharing. I used to love to dance, then married a fellow who refuses to dance ( well does some prayer dancing at church) so have not danced at all for about 40 years. I do like to participate in the dances of Universal Peace and my one daughter went folk dancing at the community center lots – my youngest was into school dances…and loves to dance

    One of my friends and her husband did ballet together and now do classic dancing each weekend. They are so graceful and lovely and in great physical shape.

    I will say that even when going to dances of Universal Peace there is always someone there I would rather not share the experience with or who wants to touch
    causing discomfort.

    How wonderful to share this with you brother and family – what a nice bond

    • Haha he refuses to dance? You should encourage him to try it again sometime, it gets to be a lot more fun once you get a better idea of what you’re doing! It’s intimidating at first for anyone though, especially the leader. I took a friend out dancing and it wasn’t for him either, though I’m glad he tried it at least. That’s cool about the folk dance! I’ve done contra dancing (some type of folk dance) twice now and thought it was fun too.

      That is really cool about your friend! Ballet is a great class to take for any dancer.

      Yeah there’s always at least one creepy guy it seems unfortunately.

      Thanks! It’s a fun thing for us to do together. 🙂 Thanks for writing!

  5. What fun!…I have cousins who swing dance and love it…maybe someday soon I’ll find a place around here and give it a try…I love to dance to my own beat…maybe I can learn to follow too! : )

    • You should definitely try it! 🙂 It’s pretty fun, though the place you go to dance makes a difference in how much fun you’ll have. Some places I’ve tried and not liked so much and others I’ve liked a lot. You just have to go to different places and see what you like best.

  6. Nice moves, girl!

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