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Spending Time with Friends

A week ago on Monday I met up with my friend Jennifer who I hadn’t seen since the summer.  She wanted to meet at a Starbucks I’d never been to before, but I looked it up on google maps and found it without any trouble.  Although I haven’t been making trips too far away, all these little trips to new places have been helpful.  Eventually I want to try some longer distances.  When I first drove to both of my colleges last semester for the first days of school that was very nerve-racking, but now I feel comfortable driving to those places.

Last week on Thursday night I had my first yoga class, which was also in a new place I’d never been to, but I found it no problem as well.  When I got to the class there was a lady and a man sitting outside on chairs looking bored (the man was practically sleeping actually).  I went up to the lady and immediately asked her if this was the yoga class, then I sat down and we started talking from there.  That one question, “Is this the ____ class?” is often how I start talking to people I don’t know.  It works!  We talked the rest of the time while we were waiting and admitted that we were both yoga newbies and didn’t know what to expect.  When we started the class, we found out that it had actually started a week before even!  I was confused by that and she was too, but luckily we were able to stick together and catch up.  The class was alright.  I had trouble completely relaxing though because I wanted to check and see if I was doing the poses right. I think the more I do it the more I’ll be able to calm my mind and keep my eyes closed.  It was interesting though.  Some of the poses were a little difficult to hold but others I felt good with.

I’ve been pretty busy seeing a lot of friends lately.  I’ve been going out every day practically, and I’ve been loving it.  I saw my friend Doug and got to know Susie better when we went hiking/exploring together around a beach, which was cool.  It was a beautiful day and it was nice being out in the sunshine.  I went to Berkeley with Gabi, Isis, and Aaron on Friday too and that was fun.  UC Berkeley is a really beautiful campus.  I went swing dancing afterward that night and invited Gabi and Isis since we had room, and it was one of the best nights of dancing in a long time.  I danced a lot and had a lot of great dances.  I followed for some of the night, led for the other, danced east coast swing at times, then lindy hop, then some west coast, and then ended the night with some blues dancing.  I hadn’t danced blues much at all before, but one of my friends Stu helped explain to me the movement, and now I understand it much better.  It was fun!

I also went to a Belly Dance Performance recently with my friend Angela to see my friend Johanna (one of the friends I made at college when I was trying to make new friends!), and that was a great night.  Angela and I got lost and ended up going to the next city over, but eventually we found our way back and found a place to eat.  I was glad I wasn’t driving though because the directions were confusing and google maps didn’t work out this time.  Angela and I had a great night together and had a good bonding day discussing a lot of personal matters.  She’s like my sister and we can tell each other any and everything.  When we finally arrived at the performance place, we watched the show and had a great time.  Johanna did awesome and so did the other belly dancers.  The live band was really great to listen to and the belly dancing was really neat to watch.

I saw my friend K Tuesday too, who is also a friend I made at college when I was trying to make new friends.  I’ve hung out with K and Johanna the most from college and it’s great that I made two good friends so quickly.  I know we’re going to be long-time friends.  K and I played tennis and it was fun, though very tiring.  Despite running and walking every day I forgot how intense tennis can be.  We rallied a while and then played 2 out of 3 games.  K wanted to bet something so he bet that the loser would buy coffee, but I won so he ended up having to buy his own coffee and buying me hot chocolate.  It was fun and it was nice walking around and showing him my town.  He excitedly asked if I had my camera and I said yes, and so of course we took a lot of pictures (like the one posted here).  Picture taking is a simple activity but it’s a lot of fun when you use creativity for your poses and people tend to know that I love pictures and love taking them with me.

So I’ve been busy seeing a lot of friends, and it’s been great because I hadn’t seen a lot of them in a while.  The winter break is about to end soon though so we will all be more busy with school soon.  I also went to Toastmasters recently and tried the Timer role for once, and at first I was confused but eventually I figured out how the set-ups worked.  I still got called up for an impromptu speech with Table Topics though.  I had been hoping I wouldn’t be picked since I hadn’t been in a while and Table Topics is still the most nerve-racking part of Toastmasters, but I responded to the question, “What would you do if you won 10 million dollars?” and spoke for a little under two minutes, then sat back down.  I pulled every idea of what I would do out of my head though I didn’t really have any time to plan or think about what I wanted to say.  I said more “um’s” than usual because it had been a while since I’d been to Toastmasters, but funnily enough I ended up winning “Best Table Topics speaker”, which was reassuring and encouraging.  I also recently had to call for an appointment with a counselor at one of my colleges, and I still felt that familiar nervous feeling, but I made the call and set up an appointment for myself.  The woman I spoke to was a little rude and huffy, but I understand because it’s probably not a fun job dealing with students all day and scheduling appointments.  Those are some updates of how things have been going post-project.


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18 thoughts on “Spending Time with Friends

  1. Larry J. Miller on said:

    We are going to have to start calling you the “busy little bee”! Thanks for the update and good luck with your schooling!

  2. Barbara Markway on said:

    I enjoyed looking at your pictures on Facebook. When I saw the one you used for this post, I thought to myself, “Hey, that would be great for her blog!” So glad you’ve been having fun. You worked so hard last semester, you definitely deserved a break. Are you still going to be at two colleges next semester, or just one this time?

    • Haha it’s funny that you thought that! I thought about using the jump kick one too but decided on this one. Thanks! I’ll still be going to two colleges, but it will be a little different this time. I’ll just be going twice a week to one across the bridge, and the other one I’ll go to is an off branch of the college I went to before but is closer to home. I’ll go there once a week. So I should save on more gas this time. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Between your facebook pictures and blog posts it feels like I know you as well (or better) than some of my nieces and nephews who live locally. Enjoyed the update.

  4. Because I love what you do, and I think a lot of people should follow in your foot steps, I am giving you The Lovely Blog Award :

  5. its amazing how you can make different friends from different places
    i love to do so as well 🙂

  6. Randomly found your blog. It was interesting reading some of your past posts. I commend you on your journey from crippling shyness, that takes a lot of guts. What are you studying in college?

    • Great, thank you for stopping by and reading! I’m doing general education right now at community college in preparation for transferring. Not sure exactly what I want to major in yet, but I do love psychology and sociology. Thanks for your comment!

  7. You have been pretty busy, it seems! 🙂
    I don’t know, perhaps there is something magic with that “Is this the ____ class?” line ! I have used it before for first classes. It works well, yes. Yet, I still feel some anxiety on second classes, and so on. Have you? We can’t use that line twice with the same person, otherwise we’d look like we are constantly lost. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but that’s not what we are going for when we use that line. What do you say to the person on the second class or the third class or another class? What do you think, brittany?

    • Well usually the second class you’re already familiar with that person because you talked to them the first class. So I guess if you don’t carry on a conversation for a while the first class it makes it harder, so be sure to be friendly the first time. Then the second time you see them they will probably smile at you and say hi, and you can talk about the homework or class or how their other classes went for the day. Then you can always talk about your major or career ideas. And if anything happened to you recently you can bring that up. If you exchange contact info then you can arrange to hang out outside of class at least once, and once you’ve done that and it went well you’ll probably develop a friendship. It’s good to ask questions too if you want to get outside the school centered conversations. 🙂

  8. You’re a busy gal, these days right, Brittany?

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