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What are Your Plans for the New Year?

Normally I love making a long list of things to improve on for New Years, but this year I kept things more casual.  I decided to give the classic “exercise more, eat healthier” endeavor another go, though this time I see it more as a life-change or habit-change than a temporary resolution.  I’ve been doing at least 20 minutes a day of exercise, usually 10 minutes walking and 10 minutes running, then occasionally some crunches, push-ups, and light weights.  Twenty minutes is a nice, easy number and it’s something I can incorporate into my everyday life.  So far I’ve done it every day and have been feeling amazing.  It’s only been a routine for a short amount of time but I feel a lot stronger and fit already. If I miss a day or decide to do workouts at home instead of going out to the park though, I don’t berate myself.  The key is to enjoy what I’m doing and not have it become something I dread doing.  It shouldn’t become a test of willpower.

Exercise is great for reducing stress and anxiety.  It boosts your mood and confidence, and strengthens your heart too.  In addition it is also a great distraction from your negative thoughts and allows you some time to think more clearly.  If you don’t like walking or running, you can always play sports, dance, follow exercise videos, or take an exercise class.  Gardening is also a great work out if you enjoy that. Or you can simply park further away from work or school or take the stairs instead of the elevator if it seems reasonable to do so.  You don’t have to exercise every day but it’s good to aim for at least three times a week if you want to fully enjoy the benefits of it.

I’ve noticed that after I exercise, I actually want to eat healthy foods instead of junk foods too.  I’m also choosing to drink more water.  I already eat healthy for the most part though, but choosing to skip the pop-tart one afternoon and go for the apple instead for instance, or choosing water over a soft drink, are little things that count for something.

Besides incorporating regular fitness and health, I’m working on learning to drive to more places and building independence.  I’m also working on writing a book while continuing to learn more about shyness and social anxiety.  And above all I’m choosing to live life to the fullest this year without limits or doubts bringing me down.

How is your New Year going?  Have you added in any changes to your life or set any new goals?  I’d love to hear about them.


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36 thoughts on “What are Your Plans for the New Year?

  1. Two specific goals…re-establish the habit of drinking my 2 liter water bottle each day and re-loosing 10 pounds. If I stick w/ goal #1 goal #2 will pretty much take care of itself. On my job, I typically burn between 4500-6000 calories a day so I can eat quiet a bit and not put it on (yet)

  2. Hey! girl, I finally got over and will read through what I missed.
    I am just plain having a hard time getting all the gears set in motion….I just enjoyed reading and company over the holiday so much, I want to continue on with that adventure.
    I think too I am dealing with fear about marketing Wise Ears dot com. I am not very good at that kind of “stuff” but I am a great listener so I need to keep working out of the comfort zone.

    I am back to exercising too and wow have we had warm and sunny winter weather as of late….I walk a lap then run a lap, about 1.5 miles on the local track, and use up 30 minutes. All systems are liking getting out and about and lapping up the sunshine. 🙂

    I am with you about not wanting to eat the sweet after exercising…well apples are pretty sweet treats 🙂

    Happy New Year…and you are looking good here

    • Yeah it’s nice to read and be with company, I think you still can definitely continue that! I haven’t been reading much lately but I’ve been going out a lot with friends and that may take up a lot of my time but I think it’s worth it. I should probably be doing more in preparation for school starting and for working on the book, but I’ve been enjoying myself too so it’s hard to get into that.

      Marketing is tough and I think for most people it is out of their comfort zone. Being a genuine listener will help you significantly though.

      Wow excellent! Sounds like we’re getting a similar amount of exercise! Adding in some running into your routine really gives you a big boost in energy and makes you feel great, even though it’s tough when you’re actually doing the running.

      Haha yeah, I love apples, so it works out great! Happy New Year to you too, thanks for your lovely response!

  3. My goal is really to lay off the sweets… I am so bad… I LOVE to bake. I work out and generally eat healthy but sometimes I just indulge…so I need to be better about doing it less often 😛

    • I’m guilty of that too, I love baking and eating baked goods! I haven’t baked in a while, though I’m trying to not do it too often either. But when it’s available I won’t turn it down. I’ll just be sure and exercise the next day! Thanks for your response! Hope you are doing well.

  4. I believe you can live your dreams Brittany! This year will be your best so far and each year getting better. I’m glad that after your year you are still blogging. I need to get back to exercising. Maybe I should exercise more than just my fingers!

    • Yeah exercising makes you feel great! I’ve always walked regularly but adding in running and other exercises has been really great for me. I just love the feeling afterward. Here’s to a great year Tom! Thanks for your comment!

  5. Your plans for the new year seem pretty much the same as mine. I’ve just found your blog today via Miriam Drori’s lovely blog. Being a shyness/social anxiety sufferer myself (though not as bad as it used to be) I’m really interested in the postings. I’m going to make time to read more of the previous ones. I’m glad I’ve found this blog.

    • Welcome Jean! Hope you enjoy the previous posts, I tried to be as honest as I could though it was a tough thing to write about. Writing did really help me a lot with my shyness/SA and become more open about things. It’s funny how opening up about things sometimes gets them out of your system. Thanks for your response!

  6. Thanks for the reminder of how great exercise makes us feel. Sometimes it takes reading something like this to get one up out of an armchair in a listless British winter and just get out there!

    • Yeah definitely! Even when I hear that a friend is going to start a new exercise plan or start going to the gym it motivates me to want to be more active. I’m easily inspired I suppose. Good luck with the cold, you have it much harder right now! Here it’s sunny though it’s supposed to start raining soon. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Brittany, meet Jean. Jean – Brittany. Ah, I see you’ve already met! I’m doing Sally Quilford’s 100k in 100 days. Falling a bit behind, but still writing every day, which is good enough, I think. By the time the 100 days are over, I shall be ready to hibernate for the rest of the year! Keep running!

    • Thanks Miriam! We did just meet! Wow sounds like a challenging endeavor! Sometimes a challenge is all we need to get motivated though. Good luck! I liked the poem you did. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Hi Brittany… if you’d like to add “learning to meditate/quiet the mind” to those ideas, my friend from the Reflections site will be coming here and staying at our house for 6 weeks….he’s the one who finally was able to help me learn to sit and develop more of a quiet mind…and he’s happy to help anyone and everyone…if you would like some support with that… oh how I wish I had learned that as a young woman…but that’s past, so of no use…so please feel free to email me, if you like. (I’m near Berkeley…)

  9. eyeLaugh on said:

    You really are an inspiration. Here’s an award for you!:

  10. Congrats on the exercise plan! I did the same thing in 2006 and, by October, I had lost 35 pounds. It wasn’t exactly fast; but I’ve kept the weight off, which is what mattered. Keep up the healthy lifestyle — you can do it!

    • Wow that’s awesome! It’s great to find a routine that you can stick with and keep up. I’ve kept it up so far and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon! I enjoy the daily exercise. Thanks for your comment!

  11. All the best, Brittany. I’m giving wall-climbing a try this weekend. Yee.

  12. I must say, though, that sometimes I get very lazy when it comes to working out. It’s always good to keep that resolutions from year to year, that way I don’t completely forget about it. 😉

    • Haha yeah it might get harder once it starts raining, which is tomorrow supposedly. And it’ll be harder once school starts too, but I’ll figure it out. It is a great resolution to keep from year to year, good health should always be a priority. Thanks for your comment!

  13. You are having nice goals for this year brittany. Health is the most important thing for everyone. And you got it absolutely right. But to be honest, I have not set any gal for my self this year. Just enjoying what life is bringing in my way.
    Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. 🙂

  14. Great entry Brittany your blog are one of my plan
    to always look forward this year nice job 🙂

  15. My year has started slow but positive nonetheless! The book will be edited soon and then formatting begins.
    Hopefully soon it will be available for sale on Amazon and I can begin the REAL challenge; selling the darn thing!

  16. I noticed that too – If I exercise I’m less likely to indulge in unhealthy eating habits. But ever since the Xmas/New Year break I’ve found it difficult to get back into the exercise habit – so my eating habits have stayed the same too.

  17. Great resolutions
    for me I have a lot but afraid not to do any.
    Good luck

    • Thanks Tamer, like I was saying in the email, just take that first small step. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from trying. I used to always give up on a lot of resolutions too and not see them through but finding something that was really important to me really made a big difference. And sharing my goals publicly through this blog and connecting with other bloggers really kept me accountable. Whatever it is you want to try, you can do it!! Just try. Thanks for your comment and email!

      • Yes, I know and I will.
        Thanks for your quick reply
        As I told you, I have a lot and I know I can do and I certainly will.
        I just keep postponing to the next week and then to the week after
        I will start the blogging idea and it might work for me

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