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Using Social Experiments to Break Out of Your Shell

I met Tyler in late May when he was starting up his own blog on overcoming shyness.  When in one of my posts I mentioned that I was interested in teaching abroad, he sent me an email and told me he has been interested in that idea as well.  We had talked before through comments on my site but this was when we really connected and found common ground.  Here is his post on overcoming shyness.


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for… a guest post! In fact, it’s my first so I would very much like to thank Brittany for allowing me to put my thoughts onto her blog for all of you guys and gals to read. Hopefully it will help.

Get on with it Tyler!

Alrighty then, well I was shy for a very long time. I’d say I was shy from about 1st grade to my senior year of high school. Whenever I would talk to anyone who wasn’t in my immediate circle of friends, my face would get really red and I would have difficulty speaking. Finally one day, and I’m not making this up it actually happened, I was taking a shower and I thought to myself, “I don’t want this anymore, it has gotten seriously old.” So in my head I made it my mission senior year to break out of my shell. I called this mission “Operation Broken Silence.”

Now that I think about it it kind of sounds a little odd… Anyway, making this mission a success was not an overnight thing. It started with the new freshmen class. They didn’t know me and I didn’t know them, so this was the perfect opportunity to experiment socially with them. It was baby steps at the beginning of course. Just a simple hi here, maybe a joke there. Finally I was able to work my way into conversations. This boosted my self esteem as well as proved that I wouldn’t die from talking to somebody new. From this I was able to eventually have entire conversations with random strangers.

Probably my biggest achievement lately in the way of beating shyness was asking TV’s Jeff Corwin a question about human overpopulation in front a fairly large group of people. It was something else. Even though I was curious about the answer the main reason I asked is because of that old familiar feeling. The feeling that if you don’t go through with something you’ll be hitting yourself for a week. So I asked, the world kept turning, and I felt accomplished.

I want everyone to know that shyness isn’t something that you can just kick. It is something you have to constantly work at. The only way to get rid of it is to start trying. I’m not saying to go crazy and dance on a table in your favorite restaurant, unless you really want to that is. Just go up and say hi to someone and work your way up from there. That’s the whole thing that my blog is based around. I post ideas for social experiments that you can try at your own pace.

Well that’s probably all I should write on here for now. Good luck with your shell breaking everyone!

Thanks again for letting me guest post on your blog Brittany! You’re awesome!


To read more of Tyler’s posts and to read and maybe even participate in his shell break experiments, click here to visit his blog.  He is a very cool guy who I know you will enjoy getting to know.  He’s a self-described “language nut” who loves learning new languages and is eager to travel.


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27 thoughts on “Using Social Experiments to Break Out of Your Shell

  1. “Operation Broken Silence”, “The Shyness Project”… How come I don’t have a name for my “mission”? 😉
    Tyler, you wrote: ” Anyway, making this mission a success was not an overnight thing” and I could not agree more. Yes, we need to start trying. And then we might just come to realise that it is possible to be less shy and have positive feedback.
    Thank you Tyler for sharing your story. Then again. Very inspirational 🙂
    Thanks Brittany! ^^

    • Haha it makes it more fun to have a cool name! You should make a name for your “mission” too and join in on the fun! 😉 And yes, as they say, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step.” Couldn’t be more true!

  2. Thanks Vee! Lol code names are awesome! I can be a little on the odd side as well I think but it works for me 😉 I still have trouble overthinking things so I still have to tell myself to jump into a situation every now and then.

    Brittany, that’s very true. Another truth is that after that first step you have to keep walking or you will never reach your destination.

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  4. Barbara Markway on said:

    I like the name Operation Broken Silence, too. Very creative! And a very nice guest post. I looked at your blog and I like the whole concept of setting up social experiments. I just read a research study about how effective that can be. I’ll have to look it up and link to it. Thanks, Tyler!

    • Thank you very much Barbara! It’s good to know that what I’m saying makes since to other people! There was a word I learned in sociology many moons ago that had to do with social experimentation. It had something to do with doing stupid stuff and studying people’s reactions. I enjoyed that word but now I can’t remember it :p

      • Yeah when I’ve thought of a lot of my goals this year as social experiments that was pretty effective and I felt like I was an undercover researcher as well, haha. I’m wondering what that word is now Tyler. I’ll probably find out eventually because I’m hoping to take a lot more sociology classes once I transfer to a 4 year school!

  5. I’m not really what you can call a very shy person. I do get shy at times but not in a way that would need some sort of intervention. But through this post, among others, I get to learn a lot, realize things about myself, learn to understand others who are all the way shy, and encourage my shy friends to keep trying like what you and Tyler did. 😀

  6. great guest post tyler! I let go of my shyness once I started not to care what everyone thinks…

  7. Nicely done, Tyler! And Brittany, you do a great job spreading the word that people are not alone!

  8. This a great journey you’ve embarked upon – both of you!
    Well done opening your blog borders, Brittany!

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