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Second Informational Interview

There could be a number of posts on the calls I made to get to my second informational interview, but I will just cut to the chase here as time is running out. I got to speak with an Occupational Therapist this time, which was great. The first interview I did had been with a Physical Therapist and had been an in-person one. This time, however, it worked out best for the Occupational Therapist that I do a phone interview, so I agreed to that. I thought it would be a lot harder to do a phone interview because you have to hold the phone with one hand and write with the other. But as it turns out, it wasn’t hard to do this and I actually enjoyed this phone interview more than the in-person interview! We managed to connect well on the phone and she was very friendly. After talking with her and her secretary at the clinic several times, we finally arranged to do the interview on Saturday at 2pm.

Saturday came along, and I wasn’t too nervous, but the interview was definitely on my mind. I had a good peaceful morning though, as this was the same day I tried meditation. At 2pm I paced a little, then sat down and called. She answered, and I said who I was again and asked if this was still a good time to talk. To my surprise, she had completely forgotten about the interview! She said she had to pick up her son and asked if I could call back at 4pm instead. So I said that was fine and agreed to call her back then, reassuring her that I wanted to do whatever was most convenient for her. We hung up, then I started making a late lunch for myself. All that nervousness beforehand had been for nothing. I’d have to wait another two hours and call her again.

But then, maybe a mere 10 minutes later, my phone rang! My heart jumped! It couldn’t be her could it? I checked the number and it was her. What was she calling for? I answered and she said that her son didn’t need a ride after all, and that we could talk now if that would be ok. I said that would be fine, and sat down and got out my notebook and pen. I held the phone in my left hand while I wrote with my right. I went over the purpose of the interview again and how long it might take. After the first interview I learned that the timing really depended on the person and while I had expected 20 minutes or so the first time, the reality had been about 10 minutes. I usually ask about 10 questions so people can choose how fully they want to respond and won’t feel like they’re being bombarded with questions. So I asked her each of my questions and she was really thorough so we probably talked about 20 minutes.  The conversation went smoothly as I responded to her replies. I’m sure I did speak a little fast at first with some of my questions and had to clarify one, but other than that it went well and was helpful. I asked her if I could shadow her sometime and she said I probably could if I called the clinic to arrange it.

Her interview was very helpful. I’m glad I’m doing these interviews because they not only help me with my phone phobia, but they also help me learn more about the careers I’m interested in. There are some things you just can’t get from a website or book and hearing personal experiences has been an awesome experience for me.


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17 thoughts on “Second Informational Interview

  1. Excellent! It sounds like it went much better than the last time! It seems like it might be getting a little easier 🙂

    • Thanks belle! It was a lot better of a reaction than last time and was more of what I had been expecting in the first place! And yes, the more calls I’ve made the easier it’s become. Exposure and repetition really does help with this sort of thing.

      • Hey. Thanks for sharing your interviews. And she called you back when you were unprepared. Stuff like that freaks me out. But it’s good. It prepares you for the next time that happens. Speaking fast is so easy to do when nervousness hits but you got into it by the end. Thanks again for your post.

        • Yeah I didn’t expect her to call back in a few minutes, but at least I was able to do the interview then rather than waiting a few more hours! Thanks for reading and writing Gemma!

  2. That’s really nice experience. You learned a lot. Yes, there are more important things than website and book.

    • Thanks cocomino! It is a great experience and I recommend people try it who are interested in learning more about other careers. It’s a lot more meaningful than reading something generic from a website or book!

  3. sounds like you have a full schedule. ps I like the way you’ve organized your blog . it will be a great resource for the shy person who happens across it in the months and years ahead. and to think I was in on the ground floor and a charter member 🙂

    • Thanks Doug, it’s definitely busy around here. Thankfully in 2 weeks I will be done with two of my school presentations/speeches and then I will just have tests, which will be nice. And thanks! I thought of changing my theme before but I couldn’t find any other ones that allowed for the tabs at the top of the page like this one with all my different categories. Thanks for sticking with me all year! 🙂

  4. Brilliant, Brittany. So gad you’re getting so much back for all this courage and assertiveness.

  5. Just read both of your phone interviews and I say bravo…nicely done. Most of my work is done on the phone having an on-line business of professional listening. It was hard at first to assess the other person and then I found not seeing them helped me to hear them with a greater clarity.
    I try to SKYPE with the children I listen to – as that works better.

    I think those informational interviews are invaluable for picking a career choice. I met a young man several years ago who was in Pre-med and applying for Chiropractic school because an Aunt suggested it. He had never been to a Chiropractor…I was so concerned, I bought him a session and arranged for him to shadow a Doctor for a week…He is now a Personal Trainer, and manager of a health center/ gym…and studying to get his Doctorate in Nursing!

    Thank you for sharing. I have referred your blog to several of my teens I listen to, but they are not brave enough yet to write a comment. Both have appreciated your efforts here…

    • Thanks Patricia!! Good to hear from you, I need to pay your blog a visit soon as well. That’s great that you’ve found that talking with your clients on the phone allows you to hear them more clearly. You do really have to listen carefully on the phone as that is the only sense you are able to use.

      Informational interviews are indeed invaluable and I’m so glad I finally have the guts to ask for them myself! I’ve always wanted to do this but it just sounded too intimidating before, but now I’ve realized how it really isn’t as intimidating as I thought. That was really thoughtful of you to help that man and arrange for him to shadow a doctor for a week! It really does help to see the work you’re going to go into, especially if you’re planning to go on a long expensive route to med school. I shadowed the OT I interviewed last week and that was helpful, and I’m going to do some more shadowing.

      Thank you Patricia for reading and writing! And thanks for sharing my blog with the teens you listen to, I hope it provides them some comfort! If they would feel more comfortable with something private and one-on-one, feel free to give them my email- I’d be happy to talk to any of them or hear from them there. Take care!

  6. I hope you remember to have fun as you work so hard to expand your professional horizons, Brittany!

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