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Getting Return Calls after Leaving Voicemails

The next day I did not get several calls like I had been expecting.  I had my phone nearby and my notebook ready for when the calls would come.

Eventually, I got a call.  But unfortunately, when I saw the phone ringing, I was driving.  So all I could do was helplessly watch the phone ring until I could park.  I had just arrived for a doctor’s appointment with my mom and was already in a hurry, so I wasn’t sure if I should call back now or wait.  I got nervous thinking about calling back.  My mom urged me to do so right away though.  It took me a little while after we got out of the car and started walking, but then I finally called back, notebook in hand.

Before calling I had listened to the voicemail the lady left, and she had said that they didn’t have any Occupational Therapists at their clinic.  But I decided that since she was so prompt about getting back to me, I might as well take advantage of the situation and interview a Physical Therapist instead.  I’ve always been curious about that too and I thought it might be helpful to talk with a Physical Therapist.

So I called back, and the lady answered, and I explained who I was and that I had just missed her call.  She told me again that there weren’t any occupational therapists, and I asked if I could interview a Physical Therapist instead.  She sounded surprised, and asked what I wanted to do again.  I explained that I wanted to do an informative interview just to learn some more about the career.  She asked if this was for school and I said yes, even though it was partly for school and partly for my own use.  I think asking for informative interviews must not be a typical request based on the reactions I’ve gotten so far.  I was very careful to be clear on my intentions though to make sure they knew I wasn’t trying to get a job.

She said she would call me back later once she had talked to one of the physical therapists.  I thanked her, and hung up. It was a relief to be done with the call for a little while even though I didn’t know when I’d have to pick up the phone again for the call back.


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12 thoughts on “Getting Return Calls after Leaving Voicemails

  1. I hope they call back soon! It’s a definite start!

  2. Well done! The tension of a phone call never seems to go away. I sympathise with the calling while driving thing: I always feel like I should take it; but when I put things into perspective I realise that every call and every answer are choices.

    • Thanks Kate! 🙂 Yeah it’s actually illegal to talk on the phone will driving in California, unless you have one of those wireless bluetooth things. Not that I would anyway, I wouldn’t feel safe about doing that while driving.

  3. Well I hope they call back! 😀
    Oh anyway I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.
    There’s the link if ever you want to check it out 🙂

  4. Phone tag rocks, right, Brittany?

  5. I have been so busy lately I haven’t got time to keep up with all my blog reading! 😦
    It’s a good idea to be doing this informational interview. Seems to be going fine so far. With all those phone calls you have to do just to get a time and place for the interview is a good way to practice and become more comfortable with the phone!

    • Yes it for sure requires a lot of phone calls! I didn’t want to bore you guys discussing each and every call I had to make to get to the interviews though. But it does require a lot of transferring and playing phone tag. I’m doing another one tomorrow but that’s all set up so that’s nice. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read and write! I have finals next week so I know how hectic things are around this time of year.

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