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Leaving Voicemails After Hours

After I had called Kaiser and had dealt with all that confusion, it was after 5pm.  I knew most places would be closed by now, but I still had 3 more places I wanted to call while I had momentum.  I knew I would be reaching voicemails at this point, but that actually made it a lot easier for me to call.

So I called a physical therapy clinic and left a message, asking if there were any Occupational Therapists there that I could interview.  I left a similar message as I had just left for the head of the department at Kaiser so it was much easier.

Then I called another physical therapy clinic, and left a message there too.  I wanted to see what places had Occupational Therapists since I knew they might only have Physical Therapists.

Then I called a psychology clinic and left a message for a psychologist who actually specializes in anxiety disorders.   I thought he would be an interesting guy to talk to since I have an interest in that.

Leaving the messages after the last confusing call was a nice break and a good way to ease into talking with more people about arranging the interviews.  I was nervous for the return calls that I expected would be coming the next day though.


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2 thoughts on “Leaving Voicemails After Hours

  1. Keep climbing those mountains, young lady!

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