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The Secret Note

A lot has happened since the first week of school, and it would take several posts to go over it all, so I’ll give an overview.

Basically, college has been great.  Even though it’s community college, I’ve managed to make several friends and I’m meeting some interesting people (interesting in a good way!).  I’ve hung out with a few of them outside of class after initiating we do so through a text or at school and what not, and that’s brought me closer to them.  Yuli, K, and Johanna I’ve all gotten to hang out with outside of school and I like them a lot.  I’m making several friendships in each of my classes and have made an effort to talk to as many people around me as I can.  Some of those people I may not become close friends with, but it’s good to have a friendly classroom relationship with them I think.  Facebook has been of course helpful for getting to know some of them better.

I’ve found that the few times I’ve been on my own for lunch, I can’t help but want to talk to the people around me.  It’s like I’m in “friend mode” all the time now and I can’t turn it off.  Even when it’s a quiet area like a study hall, I secretly hope someone will not be too invested in their homework and will try to talk to me.  It’s kind of funny.

The first time I sat on my own at a table I witnessed a guy come out of the cafeteria with a lunch he just bought and ask to sit down at a table where a girl was sitting doing her homework.  She smiled and said of course.  He sat there quietly, munching on his lunch.  She kept studying. At the end, when he finished his lunch and packed up to leave, he slipped a piece of paper over to her, and walked away.  I couldn’t help but watch her open it. I saw her expression change from a neutral look to a big smile and she laughed out loud and shook her head and just kept smiling, and reached for her phone to text her friend.

What did the note say?  Did he compliment her?  Did he leave his number?  Did he thank her for allowing him to sit with her or wish her luck with her test?  I wondered what the note said and smiled, feeling very fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time to see that.  The note seemed to totally make her day and it was so cute to witness.  I got the feeling that it was just a friendly message meant to brighten her day, and I just thought that was really cool.  I wouldn’t have minded if he had sat next to me!

Then a girl comes and asks if she can sit next to me, and excited I say “Please do!” She sits next to me, and I keep fumbling through my notes for a little while, and she looks at her phone.  Inspired by the incident I just witnessed, I start talking to her, asking her about the pizza that she got to start.  She was friendly and it was easy to keep talking to her, and we talked about college related things a while.  Afterward she said it was really nice talking to me, and I resisted the urge to ask to swap facebooks, and simply said it was nice talking to her too.

That is just one story of many, but I do need to get on to a new goal soon so I won’t be able to post a lot of the other ones.  I am planning to write a *book* though and will be able to include a lot more in there!   The new year is approaching quickly, and 2011 is coming to a close.  It went by so fast!

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16 thoughts on “The Secret Note

  1. Good college life as always.It’s funny that the first topic was about the pizza.
    In our country many people talk about the weather if they talk with new friends. 🙂

    • Haha yeah, well she had gotten a mini box of pizza, and I figured I’d ask where she got it and how she liked it since I had wondered about buying that pizza before. Turns out it’s not that great and she doesn’t recommend buying it, lol. Haha yeah the weather is a typical topic here too, I haven’t used that much at all though funnily enough.

  2. Time flies when you’re having fun blogging, right Brittany?
    Great work – again!

  3. I love it when a stranger does something to make someone’s day! I remember being in line for starbucks and the drive through guy gave my whole family their order for free because it was mother’s day. Things like that make the world seem like such a better place 🙂

  4. Glad you’re continuing to have fun at college! 🙂

  5. Hurray for you! It sounds like you are having a great time!

  6. So glad you’re enjoying life, Brittany. Great to hear you are developing a wide circle of friends – and a book! Exciting and a really great idea!

  7. The story about the guy and the note he slipped over to the girl was just nice! Whatever it said got me wondering too. The guy was sweet! :”)
    You know what, I like watching people whenever I’ve nothing to do. And of course I like thinking of (or making up, if I’m that bored) stories behind their actions and how they look like. It’s a fun thing to do, haha!

    Anyway, college life is really fun.
    I was told before that college was hard but it really didn’t seem that way for me. It was great and I enjoyed it. My first year in college opened a lot of doors for me. It made me realize more of what I could be and the world that I am in.

    So good luck with your journey, Brittany!

    • Yeah it was really cool to witness that! It was the first time I didn’t have my friends from class to sit with because they were busy this time, and it turned out to be a good experience sitting on my own! I didn’t expect something like that to happen.

      It is interesting when you catch little things like that that most don’t notice. Being on your own helps you notice things more I think, if I had been with someone I wouldn’t have noticed.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! College has its stressful times but it also has a lot of fun times, and I’m looking forward to what it’ll be like when I transfer! That’s really awesome it helped you realize so much about yourself and your potential.

      Thanks Jess! 🙂

  8. Wow, guess who’s becoming a social butterfly. Happy for you, girl. 😀

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