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The Power of Facebook: Making friends has never been easier

Up until a few years ago, this communication tool didn’t even exist.

Cell phones were available, and emails were too, but then came along something that revolutionized the way people communicated.

Social networking sites.  And in particular, facebook.

I first made a facebook account in my freshman year of high school.  At first, I didn’t understand how it worked and didn’t care for it much.  Few people I knew had facebook then and I only created it because a few friends wanted me to.

Now, it has become an everyday part of my life, for better or for worse.

On my friend search, I’ve discovered facebook to be an incredibly helpful tool.  Making friends and keeping in touch with people has never been easier.  No longer do I have to rely on phone numbers to get in touch with a new friend or an old one.  Facebook has made the process of friending much more convenient.  (Granted, it’s important to talk on the phone from time to time, but electronic communication has its benefits too.)

Before when I had to call people up from my classes, it was very nerve-racking.  Sometimes the people wouldn’t recognize who was calling or wondered why I was calling, and the response wasn’t the one I’d hoped to receive.  Most of the time it went ok, but I still disliked not having any other resource to contact people than through my home phone.  Now that I have a cell phone and have access to texting, and now that I have facebook, I’ve been able to keep in touch with people much more easily.

When I meet someone new that I want to get to know better now, instead of just asking for a number, I ask for their name or email so we can add each other on facebook.  Once this is done, it’s simple to get in touch with them.  I also get to learn some more about them through what they share on facebook.  In particular, photo sharing is my favorite aspect of facebook, because if I take any pictures with them while we’re hanging out, I can easily just post them on facebook rather than having to email each individual with the photos.  This was a slow process and probably would be even more difficult now that the quality and file size of my pictures has gotten rather large.  It’s much more convenient to share pictures and information with friends through this site.

Facebook has really become a part of our lives as much as cell phones have.  It has made a lot of my friending much easier and much more possible, so I thank Mark Zuckerberg for that.


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19 thoughts on “The Power of Facebook: Making friends has never been easier

  1. I love facebook, and concur, it does make building friendships much easier. DM

  2. I do enjoy Facebook it is a nice way to stay connected with everyone around you 🙂

  3. I like that you added for better or for worse… Sometimes Facebook can be addictive and that is why I deleted my account. I enjoyed Facebook while I was on but I was on too much and too much of my real life was passing me by. I hope and pray it never becomes that to you. Stay sweet Brit.

    • Yeah it can certainly become addictive, and I have a few friends who have refused to make one or deleted theirs for that reason. Do what you gotta do! Balance is key. Thanks Tom!

  4. This is one of the many reasons why I love it so much as well! 🙂

  5. Facebook is fantastic, even for friends I see at work: because in a fast paced environment you don’t get time to talk about the important things. Lovely post, Brittany.

  6. I agree with Kate, that it can be great for work friends, as well. Because I’m FB friends with some co-workers, I know little details about what is going on in their lives, and it helps me with the small talk that I’m usually not so good at.

    I do think it can help in other social situations, too. I see people all the time posting things like, “Anyone interested in doing this (event, movie, concert, whatever).” It can connect people who want to do things who might not otherwise find each other.

    Thanks for the nice post, Brittany!

    • I totally can see that being helpful in getting along better with work friends, especially ones you don’t see outside of work much!

      Yeah definitely, it’s a nice way to share events that are going on that people might be interested in and can bring people together. Thanks for reading and for commenting Barb! 🙂

  7. I sympathize with you about having a nerve wracking feeling when calling on the phone is the only option of getting in touch with people. Chatting with Facebook friends when I first got Facebook 3 years ago helped me to slowly come out of my shell so general conversations and interaction frightened me less. I got closer and closer to Facebook friends and as I got closer to them online, I found it easier to get closer to them on person. Now I don’t see calling as nerve-wracking as I used to and I even prefer just hanging out in person to simply chatting online. But in my case Facebook did help me.

    • Yeah email and facebook are often less intimidating than the phone can be sometimes. In person is always preferable for me too, but that isn’t always an option. Facebook has brought me closer to some people I might not ever have gotten to know otherwise if we had only had each others numbers. Thanks for reading and for your comment Faith! 🙂 Hope all has been well with you and being back home!

  8. I’m glad to hear you’re benefitting from Facebook, Brittany. Too many young kids use it as a bullying tool. Keep climbing, young lady!

  9. Studying communications and not being on facebook does come across as unusual sometimes! Really, I don’t know what is keeping me from joining facebook. A bit of lazyness I guess… :/
    great post, as always

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