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Expanding My Circle

On my second day of community college, I had lunch with Yuli again.  Only this time, I asked another guy in our class nicknamed K if he wanted to eat with us.

On the first day when Yuli and I were wandering around together, we ran into K from our international relations class.  We were at the cafeteria looking at the menu when I heard someone call my name, and I turned around to see K there!  He had a big smile on his face and was happy to see us. We of course were glad to see him too.

I suspected that he had a similar schedule to us, so near the end of class the next day I asked if he wanted to have lunch with us.  He said “Sure!”

It was great having him with us.  He showed us around the school and pointed out various things that I probably would have never known.  He was really easy to talk to and it was cool getting to know him.  He’s had a lot of interesting life experiences, from traveling, to the military, and so forth.

Now Yuli, K, and I have become a close group of friends and we spend nearly every lunch together at this school. (I’m attending two schools.)  I’m really glad I started talking with both of them that first day and got to meet them.  They’re both really great, down-to-earth people and I love learning more about their different cultures.  We’re “facebook official” friends, have swapped numbers, and all that good stuff!  I feel like I’ve known them a while now even though it has only been a month. And I feel comfortable being myself around them, not having to talk every moment.  It’s nice.  Really nice.  K likes to tease me from time to time and is always smiling and makes me smile, and Yuli calls me “Britt” which I secretly love because it makes me feel like we’re close.  I don’t get called Britt too often except by my brother Andrew or my good friend Brian, and it reminds me of them too.

So the second day was awesome as well, and I will update you all about several of the other days soon!


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14 thoughts on “Expanding My Circle

  1. Sounds great start.You seem to enjoy your school life.
    Making friends is more important than taking classes.
    Just kidding but sometimes it’s true. 🙂

    • Thanks cocomino, it was a great start! School’s been fun. Haha, totally see where you’re coming from, making friends is a big part of school life, and it makes the experience even better. Though yes, learning is important too. 🙂

  2. Barbara Markway on said:

    Sounds like you’re doing so well! I can relate to how you like being called a nickname… I know I actually like it if I get joked around with or (gently) teased, because it means people actually like me and know me enough to joke with me. It usually takes a long time, though, because I’m so serious most places other than home. I’m enjoying reading about your journey! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Barb! College is great! Yeah the nicknames and gentle teasing can be nice because it makes you feel like someone’s comfortable enough with you to do that. It doesn’t always happen and depends person to person, but I don’t mind it usually. Thanks for sharing too and for reading!

  3. Wonderful! You’re building some great friendships 🙂

    • Thanks Kate, I was thinking of dropping my International Relations class because of how difficult and out of my element it seemed, but having them in my class and getting to spend more time with them made me want to stick with it. 🙂

  4. Hurray! It sounds like you are off to the right start!

  5. It sounds like college life is off to a good start Brittany — or can I call you Britt? It’s really great making new friends and just meeting new people. It’s one of the reasons I like blog hopping as I call it.

    Continue to make new friends but keep up the grades too!

    • Haha yes you can call me Britt or Brit or Brittany! 🙂 Or mix it up whenever! It is really great making new friends and even just meeting new people. I never would have thought that I would have made friends through blogging that felt like actual friends, but I did. It’s good to have that balance and make friends with people you can see in person too.

      Thanks, both friend-making and grade-upkeeping have been going great!

  6. Do you ever go back and reread your early posts and track your porgression? You’ve grown by leaps and bounds, Brittany!

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