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My First Day of College (Part I)

My eyes darted from each passing stony face.  My heart pounded.  Butterflies infiltrated my stomach.

It felt like the first day of high school all over again.

Except this time, I was completely on my own.

I had arrived an hour early.  I took a little tour of the campus to waste time.  I only walked to the library before I turned around, however, and returned to the building near my first class.

There were a lot of people sitting on the benches outside the Liberal Arts building.  Some were with another person.  Some were alone.  Those alone, however, had ipod earbuds smashed in their ears or a cellphone or book glued to their fingers.

A hopeful conversationalist’s dream.


I decided to sit between two girls who were spread out on their respective ends of one seating area.  On my right, the girl was plugged in to her ipod.  On my left, the girl was texting.  But, she was looking up every once in a while, and was only texting occasionally.

I sat there feeling a bit awkward at first.  I concentrated my attention to my jacket sleeve which had some loose strings and then flipped mindlessly through my International Relations textbook.  The boys across from me on the opposite seating area stared at me like they could see through my calm façade.  I decided to shut off my imagination and not project my own feelings onto them.

As I was glancing up quite a bit, I noticed the girl texting was looking up quite a bit too and seemed kind of bored.

So I decided to try talking to her.

“Is this your first time at college?” I finally asked, turning to her.

“Yeah I had my first class earlier,” she replied, turning to me and smiling.

“Oh cool!  It’s my first day here too!”

And that, my friends, was the start of what ended up being a 45 minute conversation with a stranger.  It was a long time to talk to someone I knew nothing about, but it went well.  It did not feel awkward at all.  Just being in the same setting, college, gave us plenty to talk about.  As it was about time for our next class, I suggested swapping numbers, and we did!

I was feeling pumped after my great start to the day and marched into my first class, International Relations, with confidence…

(Stay tuned for Part II…) *This is like a comic book!*


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18 thoughts on “My First Day of College (Part I)

  1. Awesome!
    I think you will absolutely LOVE college….I know I did! 🙂

  2. I remembered my college days.Before I made my friends, the college made me tension.
    Good start. You already enjoy your own college life. 🙂

  3. Eric Sylvester on said:

    My favorite thing about freshmen: you can spot them from a mile away, and the first week of school is so much more fun as a senior when you can laugh at the terrified newbies. But we only laugh because as cool as we thought we were in our memories, we were terrified too. We showed up an hour late and showed up to class on day one fifteen minutes early (as opposed to my now routine 30 seconds early), and were scared to meet new people. You’re already on the right track, and that’s awesome! The best part about college is that there are enough weird, interesting, cool people out there that completely accept anybody for who they are that you don’t have to put up the facade. Congrats, kid! You’ll be just fine.

    • Haha maybe that’s more true if you’re at a 4 year, I think there are so many people of all ages entering community college for the first time that you can’t really pick them out. I was surprised that a majority of the people I met had never been to college before either and it was their first day. It was cool! Yeah it’s cool that there are so many more people and that it’s not like high school where there tends to be a lot of tight groups. There are definitely a lot of interesting people to meet. 🙂

  4. Eric Sylvester on said:

    *omit “an hour late” from that comment. Sorry, had the TV on and typed what I heard haha

  5. You go girl! And how was your first class? Nice story telling and great way to start a conversation – did others join in?

    • Thanks Patricia, I’ll put that post up now about the first class! The whole thing would have been too much to read at once. I met her boyfriend when we were packing up to go as we were heading different ways but other than that most people were just involved with their phones and what not.

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  7. kindamixedup on said:

    I hate it when people keep listening to their ipod on campus or before class. How am I supposed to talk to you if you have those pluged into your ears!!!???
    But then, I, too, tend to take out a book and read when I am alone. Oh well. What can I say? :p
    Great that you started a conversation with that girl. Did you guys got the chance to talk again?

    • Haha exactly!! I don’t even try talking to them because I don’t know if they’re blasting their music or what, and if they’d hear me.

      It’s hard for me to talk to someone who’s reading too though, since I’m unsure if it would be welcomed. I know if I’m in a good part of a book I sometimes just want to stay in that little book world and block other stuff out. Though if I’m out in public reading I’m probably just trying to waste time, as I concentrate better on reading when I’m at home on the couch or in the library or something. So I wouldn’t mind being interrupted from reading if someone wanted to approach me, but I don’t know about others. But seems like everyone finds something to distract themselves with when they’re alone, whether it’s homework, a book, phone, or ipod. I did text the girl 3 weeks later, I had thought of giving up on it since it’d been so long and I hadn’t seen her again. She responded very warmly and seemed happy to have heard from me, and we became facebook friends, so I thought there was a chance we might be friends. But I wrote her a message about my classes and what ones she had, and she never wrote back, so I got the feeling that we probably weren’t going to be becoming friends. It is a lot more difficult trying to befriend people who you never see on campus or don’t have a class with, so I’ve decided to put more of my efforts to making friends in classes though I might try random park bench friending again some other time. Haha. 🙂

      • kindamixedup on said:

        People come and they go. I have learned to accept that. No worries, eh? There will certainly have many other opportunities to meet other interesting people. 🙂

        • Yeah it would have been hard anyways because we didn’t have a class in common or an activity in common. There’s plenty of other people to get to know better and meet! 🙂 People do come and go, very true.

  8. Keep breaking new ground, young lady!

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