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Speech #2 on Youtube (finally!)

Thanks to my brother Andrew and his mad computer skills, I got the second speech video onto youtube.  I had to use a file compressor and reduce the file size first.  Here it is:

I lost my train of thought a couple of times and accidentally said “Mr. Toastmaster” instead of madam (hope Chole wasn’t offended, I was tired! 🙂 ) but it went well.  My previous post has the details on how the night went.

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16 thoughts on “Speech #2 on Youtube (finally!)

  1. Greg Markway on said:


    I loved your speech. You are absolutely correct on the importance of being proactive about your search. There is whole area of developmental psychology research on this that shows that people who go through a period of searching develop a stronger sense of identity in the future. (This was my dissertation topic.) I enjoy hearing you speak–you come across so honest and genuine.

    • Thank you very much Greg! Wow cool! I’ll have to find out some more about this research. Sounds like it would be really interesting to me, especially at this time! Thank you that’s really cool to hear that you think that. 🙂 Thanks for writing!

  2. Congratulation to your speech.These speech classes are a few in our country.
    You seem to be confident a lot.Keep it up.I’m looking forward to watching your improvement.

    • Thanks cocomino! It’s not really a speech class, it’s just a place where you can get up and practice speaking in front of an audience. It is very helpful though and you definitely do improve no matter how much experience you’ve had. Thanks for writing!

  3. Brittany, this is wonderful. What a wonderful public speaking voice and a quiet, confident delivery – fantastic – well done!

  4. enjoyed the presentation. It is a challenging task, the pressures are very real, especially when you add the financial aspect. you identified several key issues…what are some of your passions? how can you make a difference in the world?…job shadowing is an excellent tool as you mentioned. nothing more frustrating that spending years of your life going to college only to discover you hate/ dislike the job you’ve been trained to do. I have a friend who spent years working @ a job he hated, but the money was so good he stayed there, hating every day.I would rather work @ a job that pays less but I love what I’m doing. You’ll go far. don’t forget all of us here @ wordpress 🙂

    • Yeah that must be tough to find out you hate a job after you’ve put so much work into being trained for it. I’m hoping to avoid that! Job shadowing is a good way, if only more of the professions I’ve been interested in would allow it. You can’t really job shadow an occupational therapist or a psychologist unfortunately. I agree with you that I’d rather work a job that I love and pays less than work a job that I hate that pays more. Money is important, but so is enjoying what you do every day. Haha I definitely won’t forget any of you guys! WordPress has been a great experience for me and I will remember you and the others I have crossed paths with through writing! Thanks for leaving a comment Doug!

  5. Thank God for computer genius brothers, right? Keep up the good work, young lady!

  6. Yay for you!!!! Great Work!!!

  7. FANTASTIC speech, Brittany! Your delivery was well-rehearsed and your cadence flowed naturally. Don’t worry about having to refer to your notes every now and then. You might want to try leaving them on the lectern so that your hands are free for the “Your Body Speaks” speech. And even though I read your speech before, it was more interesting hearing it from you. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

    And ya, those brothers sure are awesome 😉

    • Haha thanks Andrew, I can’t stand to watch it more than once or twice so I’m glad you like it! I did a lot better in practice and didn’t forget anything then, but something always seems to happen whether we practice or not. It doesn’t have to be perfect though. I’m glad it was more interesting when I spoke it than when I sent you the written version! I usually think I sound worse when I speak than when I write, so that’s good to hear. 🙂 Haha yes you and Sean are. Sisters are too. 😛

  8. Hi Britanny,

    Enjoyed listening to your talk. I’m from Canada and currently taking a public speaking course too, except mine is offered by ‘Christopher Leadership’. It’s interesting to see a Toastmasters talk for comparison. Some of the things you’re learning are the same, like: hand gestures, eye contact, and vocal intonation. You seem to be making progress with all three of those things. If I could share some of the helpful ideas I’ve gained at CL I would suggest maybe trying to inject a little passion. Get a little lost in yourself. For example, it might help to think of what aspects of planning your career get you excited, then try and use those things to colour the rest. Maybe I’m just full of it. But it’s just a thought.

    I wish I’d started at your age – I’m 34 years old now. You’ve got a big head start on me. So keep it up!!!

    • Hi Chris! 🙂 Thanks for writing!

      That’s great that you’re a part of a public speaking club too, it’s a good type of program to be a part of! Each of our speeches in Toastmasters has different goals or things to focus on, not sure if you guys have that too. This one’s focus was organization. It’s interesting having different focuses with each speech and I think it’s very helpful. Yeah I can see the power of adding more passion and getting lost in yourself, you definitely see that in a lot of motivational speakers these days. Haha thanks, I’m the youngest in my club for sure! Some of the people have been in the club 10-20 years, it’s pretty incredible. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment and share your thoughts! 🙂

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