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Speech #2 – Organize your Speech

I’ve been trying repeatedly to upload my second speech to youtube, but it keeps failing.  I recently got a new camera and noticed that the file size of the video was quite big, 600MB, so that’s probably why it isn’t working.

But my second speech went well!  It was about careers and how I, like Sean Aiken from The One-Week Job Project, think it’s ok to not know what you want to do, as long as you are proactive about your search.  My personal goals that I focused on were slowing down and speaking up, which I did both of.  My evaluator Marcy still suggested slowing down even more, so that is something I can continue to work on.  I did concentrate on adding several pauses to my speech though. Carol complimented me for pausing in just the right places and asked if I had had public speaking training before.  She said she was especially impressed with how I am beginning to take charge of the room when giving a speech.

On the night of the speech, I wasn’t that nervous.  I think it was because I was so tired.  After school I came home and crashed on my bed and tried to rest before Toastmasters.  I was completely exhausted because I hadn’t been getting much sleep and the first few days of college were wearing me out.

I did forget a few things during my real presentation and had to refer to my note card near the end.  I tried to do a little bit of walking while up there and made sure to smile when I could.

After I gave my speech everyone excitedly started sharing college and career stories.  There were a lot of funny tales that had us laughing and I thought it was really neat to hear about all their different paths.  Katherine told me I am a very natural speaker and am lovely to listen to.

For my evaluation Marcy started off by saying that she thinks my strongest speaking quality that showed in the first speech as well as the second is the honesty I bring to my speeches.  She said I was honest about not knowing what I want to do and wasn’t afraid to say it.  I really connect with the audience.  The goal of the second speech was organization, and she said I did that very well with my three points.  The opening captured their attention and the closing was strong too.  The ending personally connected with her in that she’s not quite sure what she wants to do and my reassurances about that comforted her as well.

And at the end when Houston was giving the master evaluation and spoke of me, she said “We value how you speak to us as peers.   You don’t treat us like we’re older.  And as a smart young woman we appreciate that you don’t talk down to us.”  The last part made us all laugh and she said “you know what I mean!”

The second speech was a hit and I’ll have to think of what I want to do for the third one soon!

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30 thoughts on “Speech #2 – Organize your Speech

  1. Barbara Markway on said:

    Yea, Brittany! I love how Marcy said that your greatest strength is the honesty you bring to your speeches. I bet that honesty and genuineness comes through in other parts of your life, too. Enjoyed reading all about your night.

    • Thanks Barb! 🙂 I thought that was a really nice and insightful compliment too, something I never would have thought as a strength before she mentioned it. Thanks for reading and writing to me!

  2. DARN! It looks like I missed another GREAT speech Brittney! I look forward to the next one!

  3. I concur with the evaluatiion that you don’t “talk down” to “older” people and treat them as peers – that’s why I keep coming back to your blog 🙂

  4. You are full of energy thanks to other people.I learn from your example.

  5. “We value how you speak to us as peers. You don’t treat us like we’re older. And as a smart young woman we appreciate that you don’t talk down to us.” This is my favourite bit because that actually is a great skill at any age. You seem to be going consistently from strength to strength.

    • Thanks Pea! I’m glad that it comes off that I talk to others as peers no matter what their age. I certainly do think of them all as peers & friends, like I do many of the people I’ve met in person and through this site. Thanks for writing!

  6. Technology can be quite challenging at times, right?

    • Yes definitely, it can be really frustrating. My brother Andrew is a computer expert and he sent me some suggestions that I can try to reduce the file size, so I’ll try that sometime.

  7. I really love the concept of this blog to assist individuals in getting over the shyness and building up their confidence. Advice such as this is pretty helpful to many out there.

  8. Yay, I’m glad that your speech went so well. I had to work on the same exact things when I took speech, speaking up and slowing down. So, I definitely know how it feels to make that effort. Keep it up and good luck on your next one 🙂

    • Thanks Alba! My speech wasn’t perfect and I did forget some more things that I expected to, but considering how tired I was I still felt I did well. I’m glad you can relate! Thanks, I have to start thinking about that one soon! Thanks for writing! 🙂

  9. lawyerchik1 on said:

    That sounds wonderful, Brittany!! So glad to hear that you are getting more experience and confidence in public speaking. That is in the top 10 list of things most people are afraid of, so good on you that you are conquering this!! 🙂

    • Thanks Cheryl, I totally understand why it’s in the tops 10 list of fears! I was reading that there is even some biological reason why we all feel some level of fear before presentations. It’s some sort of survival mechanism that’s stuck with us over the years, and we interpret being alone in front of a group of people as a danger, even though it’s actually quite safe. Thanks for writing! 🙂

  10. Yay! That is wonderful! I wish I was brave as you 🙂 I cannot give a speech or speak in front of a crowd it makes me ill just thinking about it. I’m so happy that you are moving forward and conquering one of my biggest phobias!

    • Thank you! 🙂 I certainly still feel the fear and the idea of giving a speech makes my stomach do all sorts of flip flops too. It helps that the group isn’t too big and I feel like I am talking to friends. Thanks for writing!

  11. Great job, once again! 🙂

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  13. I am a firm fan of The Shyness Project. You’re moving mountains…

  14. kindamixedup on said:

    Great!! That is awesome, brittany! This is a really good thing that you decided to take a public speaking class. The things that you learn there shall be cherished as those skills and tips that they are giving you can be used in many different areas of life and are not limited to public speaking per se. We are talking about confidence, assertiveness, relationships, eloquence, being proactive… Then again, here I am: impressed.
    A very, very good speach, indeed. 🙂

    • Thanks Vee! 🙂 This isn’t really a public speaking class, but rather a place where people can practice public speaking for the sake of getting better and improving. I am enrolled in a speech class this fall for a GE though. This program definitely will be helpful in many aspects of life like all those that you mention. Haha I had to force myself to do it but I know it is going to be very helpful! And thank you! 🙂 Thanks for writing, good luck with the first day of school tomorrow!

      • kindamixedup on said:

        It IS going to be helpful. Anyways everything we do is a learning experience, right? At least that is how I see things.
        and thank you, my 1st day went well. 🙂

  15. Brittany – I just watched your speech on Youtube. WOW! You gave a GREAT speech with GREAT poise! That was very helpful to have your notes on index cards so you could move around and get out from behind the lecturn. I did not hear any ah, um, you knows, or anything! Even when you had to look at your notes, you just paused without saying anything – PERFECT! Looking forward to more!

    • Thanks Larry! 😀 I’m getting good at not using any ahs or ums now thanks to Toastmasters! I notice people do this a lot in my speech class when giving speeches. It’s not necessarily distracting, I’m just more aware of it now thanks to Toastmasters. See you tomorrow! Speech #3 coming up!

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