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Scheduling my Icebreaker Speech Earlier than Planned


As I was sitting down finishing my dinner, my mom told me that my dad isn’t ready to give his speech yet and wants to switch dates with me.  Suddenly, that lasagna didn’t taste so good anymore.

I felt sick to my stomach and cold and nervous, and as I ate a few more bites it became harder and harder to chew.

But I took a deep breath, and agreed to do it.  I was planning to give my speech the following week, but now I had two days to finish practicing and fine-tuning my speech.  Oh boy, this is happening.  At least I’ll get it over with…Fellow Toastmasters.

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6 thoughts on “Scheduling my Icebreaker Speech Earlier than Planned

  1. Eric Sylvester on said:

    You’re doing a fantastic job of overcoming your fears and your confidence is beginning to show. Don’t be nervous! 99% of the people you’re speaking for are just as nervous as you are. Whenever I give a speech of any kind, I think right before I go onstage about how much stuff is going through my head when I’m LISTENING to a speech. Daydreaming about hockey, scoping out the ladies (haha sad but true), wishing I could be asleep in my dorm room, etc etc. Keep in mind that a little stumble or flub will more than likely go unnoticed by the majority of your listeners. I don’t want to discourage you by making you think that nobody will care about what you have to say; just keep in mind that nobody is going to nitpick you like crazy, and it’s my general experience that people want to see speakers succeed. They’ll do everything they can to like you; they aren’t the enemy 🙂 You’ll do great kiddo!

    • Thanks Eric! One of the most experienced speakers at Toastmasters was saying how everybody is nervous when they’re going to give a speech, and if you’re not nervous you probably don’t care. I find that comforting, and it makes sense. I think being nervous is ok. Yeah a lot of times people have a lot going on in their hands when others are giving a speech, I can see that being true. It’s a little different with Toastmasters though because I’m the only scheduled speaker and pretty much the main part of the evening, and most of the people have worked on their listening skills so they won’t be doing all that you talked about. But they are all very supportive so that makes it better. Thanks for writing!

  2. You’re going to do great! 🙂

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