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You want me to represent you? Well alright…

On Monday there was a review game for a test where the class was divided in half to compete.  Each side had to pick a spokesperson, and surprisingly, my half all picked me!  I guess all that participating earlier in the year had shown them that I would be a good choice. The other team picked Ginger, and we snuck a smile at each other as we prepared to face off nerd-style.

The game went well even though the questions were really from out of nowhere and not like we had studied, but somehow I managed to pick the right answers when I said our decision aloud.  I turned around and faced everyone and asked what they thought, and shared what I thought, and even though sometimes it was all over the place with opinions I somehow managed to say the right one.  I was uncertain about some of the answers and knew if I got it wrong then I’d be the one to blame, but luckily I made good decisions even though a lot of them were best guesses since they were such random history facts.

At snack Annie asked what Sue and I had been up to today and I told her about the game in Government class and how the questions were really hard and nothing like we’d studied.  But then Sue jumped in and exclaimed that because I’m really smart I managed to get them all right though and was our team leader, which made me smile.  I modestly shrugged it off but really I was flattered that she was bragging about me.  I was happy that my half of the class picked me to represent them, and was a willing spokesperson.

And yes, lately I’ve been saying what comes to mind and letting my silly side show more.  I can be funny when I want to be, and it’s becoming more apparent that others think I am funny and witty with some of the things people are writing in my yearbook.  More posts to come soon, sorry it’s been a little while!


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14 thoughts on “You want me to represent you? Well alright…

  1. Eric Sylvester on said:

    The biggest thing I took from this post: people still write in yearbooks?! Nobody did at my school; we figured it died with the 80s haha. Apparently we were just lame…

  2. Eric Sylvester on said:

    My graduating class was 27, so we barely counted as a high school. You guys are probably right.

  3. You should be so proud of yourself! way to go!

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re indulging your silly side more. You never know, you could be the next Tina Fey!

  5. of course your class chose you to represent them. Hello???
    Your awesomeness is apparent to everyone.

  6. YAY! How awesome!
    When do you graduate?

  7. Alba on said:

    Hey Brittany,
    I completely understand how difficult preparing for a public speech can be, let alone a debate where don’t exactly know what to expect. That’s great that you had the chance to do that and show everyone more of this side of yourself.

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