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Earlier in the week I talked to my friend Sue first period about my weekend and some other things that hadn’t gone well and made it humorous.  I made her laugh quite a bit to my delight.  She told me about some of the stuff that had happened to her too and we were all smiles.  I was in a very good mood and was laughing a lot.

As we were walking to fourth period I told her about this one hour cardio video I had done yesterday and how I was amazed by how sore a video could make me, it was like our dance class boot camp again.  I told her about another video I had done the day before that that had you do 12 minutes of hip hop, 12 minutes of country, and 12 minutes of bollywood dancing.

I told her how my mom kept coming in the room Saturday and how I was trying to get her to stop coming in the room and made it funny.  My mom claimed she wasn’t watching me but I still didn’t want her in the room, especially for hip hop when I was lookin’ like a gangsta and sayin’ “What’s up” to the screen when we were supposed to with one of the moves.  We had to act like we had attitude and look all cool, and it was fun for me though I would have been embarrassed if anyone saw me getting into that, haha.  Country was ok, though the footwork was kind of tricky and I had to rewind a couple of times to get it.  Bollywood was a lot of fun, though I had to rewind a lot too to get the arms and feet right.  It reminded me of African dancing where you just get to let loose with your whole body.

Sunday I let my mom stay in the room while I was kicking, punching, and jumping for a different cardio video, which is a little less embarrassing to me.  It would have been better if she wasn’t sitting right there on the computer, but I still did it with gusto.  I felt great even though I was sore, the hour one was probably too intense to jump into so quickly but somehow I kept doing everything the whole time.  I was wearing down at the end though and was getting a little lazier with some of the movements.

I recently started checking out some of these workout videos from the library to try them out and it actually is a very good way to stay in shape and get fit.  Hopefully they will help boost my mood and give me more energy too.  I already walk my neighbor’s dogs about 4 times a week for an hour or hour and a half a day, and that has been pretty good for me in my opinion.  I’ve done one of these videos a day on the weekends, and two times before school this week I got up early to do a video.  It was really hard to get up earlier and not go back to bed; I gave in a few times when I hadn’t gotten any sleep.  But once I get myself up and sit around in the living room for a little bit to wake up, checking email and what not, it’s easier to get ready to work out in the morning before school.  I still prefer doing it on the weekends though when I have more time and can get more sleep.  Have you ever tried any workout videos?  What do you think of them?  I know some can be cheesy, but they actually can be a lot of fun and can be a more convenient way to work out than signing up for a class or something.


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8 thoughts on “Work Out Videos

  1. Yea! (I’m an avid video exerciser too!)

    Live life with gusto! 🙂

  2. Eric Sylvester on said:

    I lift in a gym 5-6 times a week (when you’re as naturally skinny/small as I am and play rugby/hockey, you HAVE to lift this much just to NOT die haha…), so I’m not a video worker-outer. However, I can relate to being self conscious about doing “cheesy” looking moves. Every once in awhile my workouts call for weird looking lifts, and it’s always a little confidence rattling when people are staring at you while you do ’em.

    It sounds like you handle it better than I do. I crank my iPod, try not to look at anybody, and rush through the set. Then my form goes to crap and… it’s all bad news haha. Way to not let your mom get to ya!

    • Wow that is a lot! It’s cool that you go to the gym so much and on a regular basis.
      Yeah I could see why you would feel self-conscience if you had people staring at you while you were doing unusual lifts. Any time people stare at you it’s hard to not feel self-conscience. Some people can be a little rude when it comes to staring when they do it for too long and give you weird looks…usually this doesn’t happen to me but to one or two of my friends it has because of a different-looking outfit they wore.

      Haha sort of, it still kind of bothered me, but I just did it anyway. My mom claimed she wasn’t watching but was making comments about the video during a lot of it, haha. Glad that you still do your weird looking lifts though despite the stares! Having music to block out some of the surroundings would definitely help. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. kindamixedup on said:

    Under 15 minutes work out videos, yes, lol! But the full package where you have to do the same thing as what is shown on your tv: no. Usually, I might watch samples here and there and then workout on my own. Anyways, a lot of those videos are cardio and I don’t do cardio that much (maybe I should!). I walk my dog and we go rollerblading sometimes and that is all the cardio ima have. ^^
    but excercise is good for the mood indeed. that’s one of the main reasons why I do it.

    • Haha I haven’t done too many of those, but some of them were broken up into segments so you could do 20 minutes here and then if you wanted another 20 minutes. Some of them require that you have small weights though, so I had to skip those ones. I usually don’t do that much cardio either but I think the videos have been a good way to get some in! I like it better than running at least. Sometimes running is good, like sprints, but long-distance is tough and not all that fun for me. That’s cool that you walk your dog, that’s definitely good exercise! And rollerblading sounds fun! I am not the most coordinated with stuff like that so it would probably be kind of disastrous for me though haha. Yeah, I think that’s a big plus of exercise, how it makes you feel. It’s a good release from everything too when times get stressful or frustrating. Thanks for your comment Vee! 🙂

  4. Keep rockin’ out, girl! Sounds like fun!

    • Haha thanks, I will! 🙂 It is fun, and my friend Sue said she wants to work out to one of the videos with me sometime so we might just do that. 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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