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I Wore a Dress to School!

On Friday I finally decided to wear a dress, and it was the first time I had worn a dress to school since…well, preschool I guess, back when my mom got to dress me.  (After that in elementary school I rocked leggings until I was 7!)  Supposedly it was going to start raining again on Sunday so I figured Friday would be my last chance to really dress up for a little while, and wanted to end on a high note.  (though I’m still going to keep dressing nice)  I had looked at this dress in the beginning of April and told myself by the end of the month I would have the confidence to wear it to school, and I finally did wear it.  I worked up to it by wearing fancier tops and skirts first.  I know for some people wearing a dress to school is no big deal and is an easy decision, but considering that I used to dress as simply as I could so I wouldn’t get any attention for my clothes, it’s a good improvement for me.  I didn’t want to wear shirts with words on them either because I didn’t want people trying to read my shirt, especially if it said something embarrassing like “Kiss Me I’m Irish” (I’m not even Irish!) or something about cute boys that my mom would pick up and try to get me to wear.  I still think that’s embarrassing though, haha!

But back to the dress.  I decided the night before to wear it since the weather was getting really hot.  That morning though, it turned out to be really windy and a little cold even.  Why the weather always tries to make my plans more difficult I don’t know, but I was still determined to wear that dress.  My mom tried to talk me out of it though and thought I should change into something else, but this time I stood my ground on this and told her this was going to be one of my last chances to do this.  Her doubts hurt my confidence a little bit, but I walked out the door to the car, no turning back.

I was a little cold, and I did feel a little self-conscious, but I put my sunglasses on and walked through the halls telling myself that I looked nice and to remember to focus on what other people were wearing.  I did have to keep my hands down just to make sure the wind didn’t try to pull any fast ones on me though.  It certainly would have been easier and less nerve-racking if there was less wind and the dress was a little longer.

While walking to first period one of my girl friends said I looked nice today and one of my guy friends resonated with a “You do look really pretty!”  Another friend turned around and saw me and exclaimed “Oh my gosh you look so pretty!”  So that was a nice reassurance to hear in the morning, and I told them they all looked nice too.

On my way to fourth period, I had to pass through a crowd of people in the quad.  Maybe it was just my imagination, but it seemed like one of the good-looking popular guys I passed looked at me longer than someone normally would when you’re passing them, like with interest or something.  And it seemed like one of the popular pretty girls was giving me a glaring look.  It was kind of funny, and not something I’m used to.

When I saw my friend Annie at lunch, she did a double take when she saw me!  She exclaimed that I looked really cute, and then said these past few weeks I’ve been dressing really cute.  I thanked her for noticing and told her I was trying to dress more confidently.  She asked where I was getting all these clothes and I told her that I’d had them for a while but never wore them to school or anything, the only time I’d worn some of this stuff was at swing dancing.  She said she wanted to start getting some cuter clothes too since she feels like she’s been wearing the same thing for a while now.

Although I did feel self-conscious whenever I was walking, it was sort of fun standing out and looking pretty at school.  I didn’t wear any make-up and most of the time I don’t bother to wear any anyways, but I still felt pretty in my dress.  It was a bit of a pain because I had to be so careful with it, but it was worth it.

On the left: Not a dress, but one of the many notorious outfits my mom put me in.  And on the right:  What I wore yesterday, taken afterschool when it was finally nicer and less windy!

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14 thoughts on “I Wore a Dress to School!

  1. Wow, and you DO look really pretty! 🙂

  2. Florence on said:

    I really think you looked cute on that dress that you wore. I’m just like you before and experienced some circumstance just like with you before. The only difference that would make things different on our situations is that, I have to dress pretty for my crush and that worked quite well because he’s not the only one who’s noticed me but the other guys as well. So keep up that confident figure!

    • Thank you Florence! Haha yeah I know what you mean, I’ve dressed pretty before when I knew I was going to be meeting up with my crush. It’s fun to get all dressed up every once in a while. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  3. kindamixedup on said:

    that was bold move. Great! I don’t wear dresses but I can see how it acts as the logical next step in trying to dress more confidently. And you looked great!

  4. You look great! Glad things worked out. Clothing choices say alot about a person, don’t they?

    • Thank you! Yeah I feel different when I wear different clothes, and now that it’s been colder lately and I haven’t been dressing up like this in skirts or dresses, I have to say that I miss it! The attention was actually pretty nice and I appreciated the compliments. 🙂

  5. Kaylee on said:

    Im in the same problem here, I’ve never worn a skirt or dress before to school and I’m always getting complimented (not to sound conceited… It’s the truth) wearing jeans and a flowy top, so I know I will get lots of compliments in a skirt.. I’m just nervous. And you look beautiful. 🙂

    • Aww thank you! That made me smile. Let me know how it goes if you decide to try it out sometime! It’s an interesting experiment anyhow to see how your friends react. It’s great that you get complimented a lot, it’s a good feeling when someone goes out of their way to tell you something nice!

  6. Elisabeth on said:

    I just found this post when searching for “self-conscious in a dress”, because today is my first time wearing a dress to work, or anywhere that isn’t super formal and actually requires a dress. It’s nice to hear that there are others who get as nervous as I do.
    I still don’t like the being noticed part, even if I’m being complimented, but I love the feeling of wearing a dress, so I think I’ll be trying to wear them more often.

    • Hi Elisabeth, thanks for letting me know you found this post! Nice to hear that someone else can relate to the feeling of wearing a dress for the first time at work or school. Glad that you have found that you love the feeling of wearing a dress and you’ll be wearing them to work again! I still wear dresses to dances occasionally but not as much as I have before. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Love this! Beautiful!

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  8. Yaleimie Pagan on said:

    So cute! It was a pretty dress. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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