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Weekend Fun

It’s been a little while since I’ve written.  I had a lot of fun Thursday and Friday out with friends even though I started getting sick Thursday with a fever.  By Saturday I completely lost my voice other than a few croakings that would trail off into no speech coming out at all.  It’s Tuesday now and my voice is still a little weak and raspy and my cough hasn’t been fun, but I’m doing better.

On Thursday I played Frisbee afterschool with friends and had a picnic, and some of us went to a friend’s house afterward and went swimming.  It was a really good day though I did get pretty sunburned.  I played this Wii Kinect dance game by the way and did a few of the dances in front of everyone even though I had been avoiding it earlier.  Soon enough I told myself to just do it and everyone was calling me to go so I did, something I probably would have avoided before.  It was fun and not as embarrassing as I thought.

Friday night I went swing dancing for the first time in a month which was a lot of fun.  I’m glad I went even though I felt sick and miserable during the day.  I did have to deal with some annoyances of a guy sort of stalking me the whole night who I remembered as the guy who had asked me to dance over ten times the last time I came and had tried to get my number.  Everywhere I went I soon saw him moseying on by looking around in my area.  I avoided him enough though and only agreed to dance with him once this time.  I did ask a couple of guys to dance when I wanted to keep myself occupied, and I did get asked quite a bit so that was nice.  I had fun and brought some of the prom goofy dancing spirit into my dancing.  I probably wore myself out though and should have taken it easier so I wouldn’t have felt worse on Saturday.

I will update again when I figure out what I want to do in May and get that decided.  As of right now, I’m still dressing well and being aware of others.   I’ll probably be able to break out into more dresses and what not in May too once it’s warmer.  Being sick right now hasn’t helped either since the best thing for me is to dress warm so I can get better.  I might be posting a little less as high school is ending in about a month, and there’s very little time left.  I don’t want to get too caught up in my goals that I forget to enjoy the moment.   Thanks for reading, and good night!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. I was wondering how things went the next time you met Mr Superfriendly/ super stalker. sounds like you handled it…plus it didn’t keep you from going back. good for you!

    • Haha yeah I was a little worried when we were going back dancing because I figured he would be there again. It was a little weird, but I still had a lot of fun and am glad I went! I’m glad I didn’t agree to dance with him as much as last time either. Thanks for your comment Doug!

  2. You’re a regular party animal! Good for you!

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