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Senior Prom

Prom was amazingly fun, I had no idea how great it was going to be.

Originally, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to prom.  There was a lot of party bus drama/stress because there were only 20 spots and they had all been filled up in one day before I was included in the list.  I was irritated for being left out and I almost didn’t even want to go anymore, especially since I wasn’t going to have a way to get there.  But after some more drama there was a space for me, I got asked to prom, and decided to go.  I didn’t find all this out a week or two before prom so it was very stressful trying to get a dress and shoes so last minute.  I also thought prom might not be fun for me and wouldn’t be worth all the money if it was like the other school dances, so I thought about just not going.

But I’m really glad that I went.  I went to homecoming earlier in the year and that wasn’t much fun really, the best part was getting ready with friends.  The actual dance wasn’t great and we were surrounded by a bunch of people grinding on the dance floor and it was a little awkward and uncomfortable.  I had no idea how dirty people danced at school dances.  I danced with a group of friends but it was like the not really into it but pretending to be kind of dancing.

For prom I guess the administration got sick of it too, because they made a no dancing back to front rule and they actually were able to enforce it!  Whenever someone started grinding the DJ would stop the music and tell them to stop or our prom would end early, and it worked.  And I think people still had a really great time and had fun dancing in a different way!

We took pictures at my friend Jon’s house and then all got on our party bus that took us to San Francisco.  I thought the party bus was going to be awkward because people would be going kinda crazy but it wasn’t and I mostly talked to Ben, Ryan, Jon, and Andrea who were seated around me.  We bobbed up and down a little bit and one guy was being goofy and dancing on the stripper pole and people stuck dollars in his suit pockets.  It was funny and some other drivers could see in and we saw one girl took a picture.  🙂

The place where prom was held was amazing, there were 5 stories and it was very very fancy.  No wonder the ticket was so expensive. ($120!)  We had dinner first which was chicken, salad, and bread.  After that they made an announcement that there were some people who wanted to show us a different way to dance, and it’s called swing dance!  I was excited and the performers did a really good job, they danced West Coast swing to modern music and it was very smooth and cool.  They mixed in some salsa and Latin dance too I’m pretty sure.  Then the dancing started, and they kicked it off by playing the Pokemon theme song, which made everyone laugh and start dancing all goofily.

Then all the modern music came on as well as some other songs and it was really fun dancing.  It’s always a little awkward when you first start to dance, but after a little while I was really getting into it and just kind of let loose.  I didn’t care what I looked like, but I was having a lot of genuine fun and really danced.  I mostly danced in a group with Ben, Ryan, Jon, Andrea, Pearl, and some of our other friends.  It was fun dancing with them, we did a bunch of funny and goofy moves that made us all laugh.  I found a couple of other friends in different groups and danced with them too, but mostly stayed with Ben and our group we came with.  I slow danced to all the slow songs with Ben and we did a little bit of swing dancing too.  Ben, Ryan, and I wandered around a bit when we needed a break from dancing and picked up various desserts and gazed down at the dance floor from the upper balconies.  It was really fun, and I actually even wish there was another prom or a dance like it coming up!  Who knew it would be so much fun?


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7 thoughts on “Senior Prom

  1. Eric Sylvester on said:

    This sounds exactly like my high school experience. I hated all the dances, and dreaded prom every year. However, once prom came around every year I ended up having a great time 🙂 … Don’t tell anyone, but I kind of miss formal dances now that I’m in college.


  2. Eric Sylvester on said:

    PS, I’m glad you cut loose and had a great time. Everyone always says “you’re only in high school once” bla bla bla, and I disregarded it sometimes when I was there. However, looking back, as usual, my elders were right. I’m glad you didn’t cheat yourself out of the fun that is high school prom!

    • Haha yeah I’m going to miss dances like this too, at least there’s still grad night coming up. It’s nice having all your friends together for an event like this. It was a lot of fun!!

  3. kindamixedup on said:

    I’m so glad you went to your prom! 🙂 I don’t know about the States but here there is only one prom and that is the high school prom. Don’t have it in college. Don’t have it in University. Those are memories for life right there!
    my prom was very, very formal. Four-services super. Watzes and all that. I stayed for the super and had a really good time with my friends. But could bare with the anxiety kicking in so I ended up leaving before the dance started. And maybe the fact that we couldn’t leave as we wanted (for example go outside) didn’t help either. I felt trapped… Do I regret not staying? Yes and no. Of course, I would have liked to stay and hang with my friends, but I don’t think I would have let go and just danced, so… I wouldn’t have liked to be a weight for anybody. 😦 But hey, I made half of it: better than not going at all ! 😉

    • Yes there is only one prom, I don’t think they have anything like that in college. They may have some dances but prom is definitely a high school thing here in the US as well. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be! 🙂

      Wow your prom does sound very formal! We were mostly just doing goofy dancing like the guy Albert from the movie Hitch did, haha, though not as bad.
      Sorry that you couldn’t stay for the whole dance, but at least you got to stay for supper and got all dressed up! Sounds like you still had a very good time with your friends. At least you went! 🙂 I was reading a social anxiety forum before when I was debating about prom and it sounds like a lot of people decided not to go because of their SA.

  4. Glad to hear you cut loose! You deserve to have some fun and just be Brittany, fun-loving gal and all-around good egg.

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