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On Monday I wore a long flowery green, white, and pink top with a green jacket that I’d never worn before with jeans.  It’s been getting cold all of a sudden and our previous week of the great summer weather has disappeared.  It’s been really windy now and it’s supposed to even rain tomorrow unfortunately.

But I managed to dress fancily despite the cold.  Emily and Ashleia said “You look cute today!” as soon as I came over to join their little group in the morning.  Ashleia liked the long flowing shirt especially.  I told her she looked cute today too and that she always dresses so well.  I also said that it’s harder to dress up now that it’s cold, and they too were mad that the warm weather had just suddenly vanished and the cold had come out of nowhere.

First period I told Sue that she looked cute today and looked good in blue.  She was surprised because she didn’t think she was dressed up, but the dark blue sweater with white stripes did look really nice on her in my opinion.  After I said that she complimented me and said she liked my jacket and shirt and felt the fabric.

When I saw Pearl when we met up after 4th period I complimented her sandals which I liked and was the kind I was actually looking at yesterday when I was trying on shoes looking for ones for prom.

When we went to lunch and met up with Annie, she noticed what I was wearing right away and loved the jacket and shirt.  She gave me lots of compliments once again, she’s always very kind to me.

So it was a good day, and I gave out several compliments and received several compliments.  I notice that the same friends seem to compliment me each time and I’m grateful for their support.

It is getting harder to dress up as it’s getting colder though. How do you dress up when it’s cold?  It feels like instinct to want to bundle up in a warm cozy jacket no matter how plain it is on certain days.  I think most of my prettier tops are short sleeve or sleeveless and the jackets thin so it makes it harder…and wearing skirts or dresses right now would make me really cold.  Hopefully it will heat up a bit more next week!


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6 thoughts on “Compliment Central

  1. Patti on said:

    Sincere compliments are a great way of letting people know that you’re paying attention to them! And it helps you to actually look for good things as well.

  2. lawyerchik1 on said:

    Sounds like a nice day for you!! Awesome!! 🙂

    BTW – just wanted to let you know: I did a business lunch today with two other people I knew and one I didn’t know, and it went really well! Not a smidge of focus on what I was afraid of – just a nice, fun lunch. Thanks for the example and the practice tips!! 🙂

    • Thank you, it was a good day! 🙂

      That is awesome Cheryl, thank you for sharing!! I’m glad it went well and you were able to not worry about what you were doing and were just able to enjoy the lunch. I love when lunches are fun and easy like that. 🙂

  3. kindamixedup on said:

    Ah, the wheather… Last week, I was ready to put my coat back in the closet and leave it there until next october, but eh, no, it’s snowing non-stop since yesterday. *sigh* i guess my shorts and tank tops are gonna wait for a while before i can wear them…

    • Wow snow out of nowhere?! That’s crazy, hope you get the nicer weather back soon! Our rain was random too, but now it seems to be getting a little nicer, though it’s still very windy!!

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