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Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you gmomj for the Stylish Blogger Award a few weeks ago!

According to gmomj’s post I need to write 7 things about myself.

Then I am to pass the honor on to 15 other bloggers and tell them about the good news.

Here are my 7 things, written just for you:

1) I love swing dancing, especially lindy hop.  I wish I was able to go more often and could actually take lessons, but my town doesn’t have too much going on like that.

2) I have two older brothers, Andrew and Sean, who are 11 and 8 years older than me, respectively.  Despite the large age gap, we get along wonderfully, and I am friends with many of their friends.  My young age is often forgotten (and sometimes not even realized) because I get along with and relate to people older than me very well.

3) I would like to write and publish a book one day.  It would be amazing if I could turn this journey into a book so it would reach more people who are struggling with any of the things I’m going through and could bring more awareness about shyness and anxiety.

4) I think it is incredible how blogging can connect you with so many people, and how some of the connections you make feel like real friends.  I would love to meet all of you in person, I really would.

5) I love movies and books.  I like escaping reality from time to time and getting wrapped up in someone else’s story and world.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot from reading especially.

6) I am having a really really hard time choosing a college major, as well as a career.  I think it’s a huge decision to be making at 18, and I don’t know how others can be so sure of what they’ll want to do in the future.  There are just so many choices, so many possibilities, that it’s hard to just pick one.  Especially when you’re trying to figure out what your ultimate “passion” is, and at the same time choose something that you think you can support yourself and a future family off of.

7) I would like to travel to many different countries.  I’ve thought of studying abroad, teaching English abroad, volunteering abroad, and so forth.

Now, go check these blogs out!  The writers are awesome, and I’m grateful to have met them through this blog:

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19 thoughts on “Stylish Blogger Award

  1. Oh, thanks honey.

  2. kindamixedup on said:

    Awww, thank you so much brittany! 🙂
    It’s good to get to know you a bit better through those seven questions.
    and about your career; i know what you mean i am still trying to figure everything out! i have made the decision to study law, yet i am not even sure it is the path i want to take.
    Have you thought about a few options that could interest you? Applied sciences or social sciences? Law, arts, philosophy, humanities?

    • That’s cool that you have made the decision to study law, it’s hard to know which path to take but it sounds like you at least have an idea of where you’d like to go. I’m glad you liked my 7 things. 🙂

      I’m really just all over the map, haha. Andrew thinks I should go into art because I always wanted to be an artist before and drew all the time, but it seems like now I don’t draw much anymore and have gotten a lot more into writing. At the same time I want to make a difference in some way and make the world a better place, so I think of careers that would allow me to do that on a day to day basis would be cool. Then there’s also job security in trying to choose a path where I will likely be able to get a job and be able to support myself, and it’s all very complicated though I know I’m probably over thinking things. Art (though I’m not so sure about anymore), writing, psychology, learning about other countries, helping others or society in general are all of interest to me, and there are other things I could think of too.

  3. Eric Sylvester on said:

    Haha thanks a ton! I’ll get cracking on this ASAP.

  4. thanks for the award 🙂 I can totally relate to/ appreciate your questions about what’s next in terms of school/ following your passions/ paying the bills etc. I didn’t have a clue as I came to graduation time….my passion/interests seemed to point in the direction of being a Vet…but grades didn’t agree. Decided to work a year , save up some $….realized 1/2 way into that year, I loved what I was doing….and if I continued along that path, I would eventually get to the place in life where I could make a decent living at it. I’ve never regretted my decision. HEre’s what I tell young people today (or anyone who asks) ” do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”..that is true 90% of the time (although I do hate heights 🙂 DM

    • Yeah it’s such a tough decision, I don’t know how some people can just “know” what they want to do for a career. There are just so many choices and it’s hard to know which one is your passion and is the best fit for you. Even after reading way too many career books and doing way too many exercises and tests, I’m still not sure.

      Thanks for sharing your career journey, it seems like you are very happy in your work so you must have made a really good choice! Glad to hear that you love what you do and it has all worked out for you so well. Now if I could only figure out what it is I love to do…that would make this process a lot easier. 🙂

  5. Thanks again for the award! Now the problem of finding 15 bloggers to send it to when I’m not sure I have subscribed to that many yet…..guess this gives me a chance some new blogs I like!

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  7. Thank you so much Brittany!
    This is such an honour and I truly appreciate it!
    I have a few things that I tell people your age about deciding a career, and I am blessed to have a few friends in that category.
    What Doug said: “do what you love”
    I would add: Follow your heart. If you listen long and hard, life will steer you in the direction you need to go.
    Don’t think that you’re choosing for the rest of your life because you’re not. Almost no-one has one career forever anymore. The world is changing so fast that what is secure today might not exist tomorrow. And example of this: A friend told me the other night that they predict that 65% of all of the jobs that will be available 20 years from now have not been invented yet…
    You speak of wanting to make a difference and I think it is the most important thing that anyone can look for in a career. I wish more thought about that instead of money. Ask yourself what can you give, not just just what can you get.
    Give yourself space.
    Whatever major you choose, it isn’t a life-long commitment.
    If you want to write a book, write a book! You can do it and don’t let anyone, (or yourself) tell you otherwise. If you do, you’ll waste your life.
    Money will come if you let it.
    And finally…
    You are brave courageous and brilliant! So try not to worry. (I know it’s hard)

    • You’re welcome Jenny! 🙂 You definitely deserve it!
      Yes, that seems like the best advice, happiness is very important in a career decision, and making a lot of money isn’t going to make you happy. It certainly helps, but there needs to be more than that.
      It’s comforting thinking about the fact that I probably am not choosing for the rest of my life. There certainly will be a lot of changes in the career world. It’s really interesting thinking about what your friend said too, it sounds like there will be a lot of new jobs popping up that we’ve never even heard of before.
      Yeah, making a difference is definitely important to me, though some think I should fulfill that desire through my volunteer work rather than trying to incorporate that in a career too. And others tell me that you need to help yourself first and then help others, so there are some different ideas on that that I have been told too.
      Thanks, I would definitely like to write a book. 🙂
      I will watch the video now, thanks!
      Thank you again, you’re always so kind to me and it means a lot! I see you wrote a post today that I will be checking out as well!

  8. I want to thank Jackie Paulson for giving me a stylish blogger award.
    This is a cool idea but, I may need to add the Puckdat touch.
    Nothing is ever what it seems.
    Here’s my first obligation.

    Seven Things About Me

    1. I started blogging to give me something to do while I thought about what next when I lost my job suddenly. I thought it would at least help me sort some things out and give me some practical experience at the same time. I’ve posted every day for almost 300 days straight and that has changed my life along the way.

    2. When I was eight I took a golfball to the left eye from a few feet away and I still have the scar.

    3. Did I mention I turned fifty recently?

    4. My pen name came from my Yahoo! Answers profile where I used to be an expert in Ice Hockey and Canadian Football.

    5. I once went to school for broadcasting and even spent some time working in radio before I finally felt the computer was worthy of my attention.

    6. I was the lead singer in a small band for a number of years but, my dreams far out-stripped my talent.

    7. I can not say how much potential there is for MANY, MANY talented and intelligent people to make a living pioneering all sorts of things on the internet. Need some inspiration? Try watching the PBS Pioneers of Television series and see if it doesn’t make your gears start turning. It’s a blank slate and every day something new comes along.

  9. Helpful points. I always point to research done by Jerome Kagan whenever someone says, “Shyness is learned, so you can unlearn it.” Someone even made the claim that “Shyness is learned by age two.” Such people usually don’t back up this by saying how something such as bashfulness could be learned by the age of two. Just because bashfulness is partly genetic, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it, just that we should not waste our time worrying over the past or blaming our upbringing.

    • Right on Tim, shyness is certainly a combination of nature and nurture, as many things are. Sometimes people don’t understand that though, and think they were just born shy and can’t do anything about it. It may be the natural way for them and the way they feel most comfortable, but they can accept their shyness and still at the same time change certain things if they want to (and only if they want to). It sounds contradicting, and it’s a confusing concept, but it helps to think of it that way.

  10. I love how you listed your love for lindy hop first. I, too, am a lindy hopper, so I can relate. I have seen many an outgoing personality blossom from shy beginnings in the swing scene. There’s just nothing like it. ❤

    • Thanks, yeah I’m forever in love with dance. 🙂 I love swing and blues especially. Dancing certainly helps with self-confidence as you get more practice in it and become a better dancer. It’s a good mood-booster too. Thanks for writing, glad to hear you love lindy too!

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