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Another One of those Updates

There haven’t been too many classroom raising-hand opportunities lately as we’ve had some school events and assemblies going on, as well as a lot of computer work.  There have been a few opportunities though, particularly in 1st and 6th period again, and I raised my hand quickly to ask my question and got my answer.  At least now when I have a question I usually ask it, whereas before I used to just try to figure it out on my own or ask around me.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for a while because Spring Break is next week.  I’ll have a week off from all my classes, which will be nice even though unfortunately it might be raining all week.

Lately I’ve been more outgoing though, and have given out compliments to friends as well as people I don’t know well when I thought they did a good job at something or were wearing something I liked, etc.  I’ve also received a lot of compliments, and I’m glad that I say “thank you” now opposed to several years ago when I wouldn’t believe it as much.  I’ve also talked to some of my teachers more and have been going up to them more one-on-one and asking questions.  I’ve spent more time with friends too, reconnecting with a friend I haven’t hung out with in a while, and hanging out with someone I’ve never hung out with outside of school before.  So things have been good, and I’m doing well.


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2 thoughts on “Another One of those Updates

  1. Glad to hear it!

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