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Chatting with One of My Teachers

Yesterday I raised my hand in second period and asked a question. It was just one-on-one with the teacher though because it’s a computer class with mostly independent work, but still, I don’t raise my hand much.

In 5th period I talked to my teacher for the first time.  I’m really silent around him even though I sit right up in the front.  I asked him a question since I missed his class yesterday(I had to do my internship 5th and 6th period).  It was one-on-one once again.  My first question was related to things I needed to do the lab I had to make-up, and after that, I asked him how his presentation went last Friday.  (He mentioned last week that he was going to do a presentation and I had intended to ask him on Monday but didn’t.)  It seemed like something good to talk about, and I wanted to know how it went.  He laughed and told me how only a few people showed up in the audience.  But he sent out an email to a bunch of people saying how it was first time presenting his subject like that and was really happy with how it turned out and was a great success.  He sent it as a joke and was just playing around, but apparently someone took it seriously and sent it to someone high up and important, and now everyone thinks he had some wonderful presentation.  He thought it was funny though, and I made a few comments and smiled along with him.  🙂

At night, I had my psychology class.  I didn’t raise my hand, but I did make a valuable observation that should help me in the future.  When she asks questions, she asks them in a sort of conversational manner, so often someone will just chime in without having to raise their hand.

I had studied up on the material really well so I could answer her questions, but I wasn’t prepared to ask questions.  I couldn’t think of any that night, I just felt too tired and was simply taking info in.

I’m not upset with myself though, which is nice.  I’m ok with taking it slow for this class.  I know it will be the hardest, so I will just keep taking smaller steps by participating in my smaller high school classes.  This should help and better prepare me.


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2 thoughts on “Chatting with One of My Teachers

  1. Keep fighting the good fight, young lady. You’re doing great!

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