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Japanese Restaurant- First Sushi!

Today I went to a Japanese restaurant for the first time after school!  Yesterday my friend Sue, our new friend Charmagne, and I all randomly decided that we would go out to eat sushi tomorrow.  I’d never had sushi before and I wanted to try it.  (I tend to stick to familiar foods, but I’m trying to be more open to new foods.)  So we made plans, and went today!

We went to a place called Suruki’s and I got chicken teriyaki and we all split this sushi called Mighty Dragon.  The food came pretty fast, and the chicken teriyaki was really good!  I thought the sushi was ok, not great but not bad either.  I’m glad I hadn’t just ordered sushi though, because I think if I had too much of it I would have gotten sick of it.  I tried using chop sticks a couple of times too since it was the second time I’d ever picked up chopsticks.  I was pretty bad at using them but eventually picked up a piece of chicken and ate it.  After I accomplished that, I decided I could go back to using my fork.  🙂

We took a few pictures and it was fun.  I mostly just hang out with Sue at school and it was good to hang out with her outside of school.  And it was good getting to know Charmagne better too.  I’m glad I can finally say that I’ve tried sushi now, even if it’s just the rolls!  🙂


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4 thoughts on “Japanese Restaurant- First Sushi!

  1. I love sushi but I didn’t know to eat with chiken teriyaki. That’s interesting and fun.:)

    • Haha is that weird? All I know is that I love chicken and if I didn’t like the sushi then at least I’d have something I would like.:) I should try sushi again sometime. Thanks for your comment! I’d also be interested in hearing about how you think quiet and introversion are viewed in Japan. Supposedly Western culture praises the more loud and extroverted types, while Eastern culture in general praises quiet and introversion. Living in Japan, do you have any insights on that? I’d love to hear more about it.

      • Oh, I didn’t understand your post well.

        Your thought is true.
        Sometimes it is difficult to hear Japanese true feelings.
        However, the situation is changing a little by little with the advance of globalization.
        The difference between Eastern and Western seems to decreasing.
        I would like to write more about it, when I have time.

  2. Great, thank you! If you have the time to tell me more about it, my email is
    I would love to hear your perspective and insights, thanks! 🙂

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