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Flippin’ Through Old Yearbooks

For some reason last week I’d been feeling a little distant from some of my friends, so I decided to look at my old yearbooks to cheer me up. I had some really nice messages in there that made me feel emotional. It was kind of sad realizing that a lot of the people who wrote to me I had grown more distant from, and I decided to send messages to a few of them to reconnect.

There are a couple of observations that I made about my yearbooks. In 6th grade, my book was pretty empty and the messages I did get were something along the lines of “Have a great summer”, which in my mind is the equivalent of, “I have no idea what to write to you so I’m just going to say something really generic.” 7th grade I had maybe 3 messages that wrote something personal and nice, while the others were general and very brief. 8th grade I had more messages than before, but still not a whole lot.

My first year of high school was a bigger shift in messages. I had a couple of really nice and lengthy messages, some even had been decorated and had little pictures attached in there. A lot more people wrote to me, and I didn’t get that “have a great summer” thing much anymore because I mostly just had friends sign it. Sophomore year I got more detailed and lengthy messages, and Junior year my yearbook had even more and was packed. Looking back at those yearbooks made me realize how I must have been changing over the years. It seemed like each new year I opened up more about myself, and had closer friendships. I’ve been closer with different people different years though, and it’s interesting looking at all the changes.

It was good reading through all those messages again, and even though it seems like I have a lot fewer friends than I did last year, I realize that the ones I’m spending my time with right now are the closest friendships I’ve had. So yes maybe I have fewer friends that I’m seeing regularly, but sometimes less is more. The others are still my friends, it’s just been harder staying close to them because some of them have moved, some have a new circle of friends, or we just haven’t been hanging out as much as we used to. I did reconnect with quite a few friends this month though, and I’m glad I’ve done that.


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