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Elective Fair Rant

Today out of the blue a few of my friends and I were asked to volunteer at the Elective Fair Booth for Webpage Design class.  I didn’t really want to do it, but we said we would.

The elective fair was alright, I talked to some people about what you learn and get to do in the class.  I saw a few friends and talked to them too.

One tall, skinny, and geeky guy came up to our booth.  I recognized him from my cooking class freshman year.  He started talking to my friend, and I got annoyed with him right away.

Some of the students in the Sports Med class had made a scene in the middle of the gym and were acting out that someone was injured and needed help.  This guy commented on that and asked my friend (in a heckling tone) why she wasn’t out there acting in the middle of the room, saying “not your thing huh, you don’t like being the center of attention.  You’re so quiet in class.”  Then he turned to me and said we had been in cooking together and that I’d never said a word and was like her, and that we probably got along well.  He was being really annoying, obnoxious, and straight up rude.  All the while he was smiling too even though he was being so randomly rude.  I smiled at him but in my mind I couldn’t believe what a cocky jerk he was and why he would just come out of the blue and rant on that.  I didn’t feel any shame though, which was great.  I just thought, “What a jerk!”.  I guess he thinks he’s so much better for being so talkative, but I think he’s pretty arrogant.


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2 thoughts on “Elective Fair Rant

  1. Matbe it would have helped your personal growrth to use a self-defense technique to bring that joker to his knees! Couldn’t have hurt, right? At least not you!

    • Haha maybe, it’s just tricky when people are nice and then kind of rude and then nice, and you don’t know what to make of them. I think he is actually a nice guy, just kind of cocky and not all that sensitive to others.

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