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LN4 Hand Project and Middle School Auction

So far this weekend has turned out to be a busy one, even though I didn’t really have any plans.  On Friday after school I volunteered with Interact Club again.  This time we were helping out with the LN4 Prosthetic Hand Project (more info about that project here: ), which sounded pretty cool to me.  It turns out that we didn’t get to actually help put the hands together, but I can’t really blame them for not wanting high schoolers to be in charge of that.  But they did have all 30 or so of us in the club put bags of screws together in an assembly line fashion.  There were about 15 different containers of screws, and we needed to put one of each in a bag.  So we all moved down the line, adding one of each of the screws to our little bag, and then once we got one of each we put the bag in a box where the others were piled and went back around to the end of the line again to fill another bag.  We actually did this for an hour and a half, so it got a little tedious after a while.  But eventually all the screws were packaged and ready to be sent off to the next people who would actually use those screws to help put together the hand.  I would have liked to have done more to help, but at least I was able to help in some way.  My friend Pearl was there and I also saw and talked to my friend Maria, who I haven’t talked to in a while.  It was good catching up with her.

I thought I would just volunteer afterschool and go home and relax afterward, but Pearl and Maria kept mentioning the middle school auction that Interact was going to help out with.  I didn’t originally think I was going to go because I thought it’d be too much to do in one day, but I decided to do it after all.  And I’m glad I did.

We helped out at the auction from 5-9pm.  I actually drove myself there and back for the first time, which is a bit of an accomplishment for me.  I don’t like driving on my own much, especially when it’s dark out.  I didn’t want to drive by myself and wanted my mom just to drop me off, but she insisted that I go by myself.  It wasn’t so bad after all, but I still am not a big fan of driving at night when it’s a lot harder to see.  But I did it and didn’t have any problems.

I met up with Pearl in front of the school around 5pm and we saw a few other friends there that I’m not as close to.  Pearl and I (and a few other volunteers) handed out dinner choices to the people at the auction, so I briefly talked to strangers in offering them choices of food, drinks, etc.

I also bought 10 raffle tickets for $10 to try and win one of the auctions and also support the school.  I put 5 of my tickets in a Guitar Hero 5 game for PS3 raffle, where I noticed only 2 other tickets were in.  I spread out the other 5 tickets in miscellaneous gift card prizes.

And sure enough, I won the Guitar Hero game!  The lady announced my name as “Brittany…Weird?”(she made a face when she said it too) and I couldn’t help but laugh.  I figured she must have meant me and claimed my prize.  My last name is Wood but I had scribbled my name on each of the tickets quickly so I guess somehow it looked like “weird”.  It was funny anyhow.

So that was pretty awesome, considering I never usually win anything.  But I knew my odds were pretty good for winning the game, considering I didn’t have much competition.  I don’t have a PS3 though, so I’ll probably just sell it online and use some of the money to get the ps2 version instead.

At first I didn’t think I was even going to buy any raffle tickets at all, because even raffles make me really nervous.  I’ve actually said “not me, not me…” in my head when raffle tickets are being announced as winners, because I don’t want to have to be the center of attention.  I told my oldest brother this one time during a raffle at an A’s game and he said “You’re so shy…” and I felt kind of embarrassed that I had even told him.  But this time there were so few people and I already knew that I had a good chance of winning this one that I didn’t mind.  There were just a few people standing around the announcer in the gym while most of the others weren’t even paying attention, so it was very low key.

It was fun all in all, but after 4 hours, it was good to be home.


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4 thoughts on “LN4 Hand Project and Middle School Auction

  1. I bet it was!

  2. actually, there are 18 little tubs of parts…thanks so much for your help…it takes the help of many people to build and deliver these hands…

    • Oh ok thanks! I was just guessing, but it’s cool to know the actual number! It’s a great project though and I was excited to help in any small way I could. Thanks for writing!

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