The Shyness Project

Tennis with Sarah and David

It’s been a few days since I’ve written, mainly because my days have been sort of uneventful.  But today was fun, I went to meet my friend Sarah and her boyfriend David, who I’d never met before.  I thought it might be a little awkward with someone I don’t know, especially since they’re a couple, but it actually wasn’t awkward at all.  David was really nice and easy to get along with.  We were planning to play tennis in my town, but all the courts were full, so I went with them in their car to the courts by them.  He’s a really good tennis player, and Sarah’s gotten pretty good too.  We played for an hour or so and then headed back because I had to pick up my brother from the library.  Then I introduced my brother to them and we all went out for pizza and got a better chance to talk.  We talked about Star Wars a lot, mainly because I knew that was something Sean could talk about and I knew David liked Star Wars a lot too.  I also asked David about his traveling experiences, and he had some pretty interesting stories.  I shared some of the stories my brother Andrew had told me when he had gone to other countries too.  It was a fun day, and I hope we can all hang out again sometime.


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