The Shyness Project

First Day Back at School and Angie’s Surprise Party

Well, the first day back of school turned out to be a pretty good one actually.  I was in a social mood you could say.  In 3rd period, a new student named Aidan entered our class and the teacher put him next to me.  He didn’t seem to know anyone else and didn’t have any photoshop experience that we need in the class, so I introduced myself and helped him out.  I helped him get set up on the computer and with a photoshop project we started today. I asked about his classes and his schedule change, and tried to be friendly and helpful to him.  I’m glad I did that, because I think he appreciated having someone to talk to and ask for help instead of feeling alone and confused as to what we were doing.

At lunch, I went to my friend Sue’s house for the first time.  I tried some Korean food- one thing was called kim bob(seaweed rice) which consisted of egg, carrot, rice, ham, and red pepper all wrapped around in a circle with an outer layer of seaweed(kim) and an inner layer of rice(bob). It tasted all right, and I was glad there was a little bit of meat in there to make it taste better.  She said this food is commonly used for picnics, or for general snacks. I also tried something called ddeok bok ki, which is a rice cake in korean hot sauce and water.  It’s also a snack, and it was a little spicy, but alright as well.  It was cool trying some new foods and learning some more about her culture.  She even had a Korean toilet that had a bunch of buttons, and she told me that in Korea they only use toilet paper for #1 and they use this water feature that shoots up from the toilet for #2, which is apparently cleaner to them.  It was interesting, and it made me think of No Impact Man, who didn’t use toilet paper for a year.  That could have been one of the ways he did that.

After lunch I went to 5th period, and had to squeeze past a girl I sat next to but had never talked to since her seat was blocking the way to my seat.  As I was passing she thought she had accidentally elbowed me but I told her she hadn’t and smiled.  I started talking to her for the first time and she said she was excited, and I said for what, biotech?  And she said no, for Sac Anime!  I told her I had heard of that but didn’t really know much about it, and she explained more details about it to me and it was interesting.  We then talked about animes, manga, and comic con, and it was a good conversation.  I like those things too and it was easy to talk when we had a common interest.  I usually don’t talk about that stuff much though since most people I know don’t like it or think it’s too geeky or whatever.  I don’t watch anime much, but the few I have seen I’ve enjoyed and I want to watch some others sometime.  Then our teacher finally started class and we turned our attention to him.

So I actually had a pretty good day at school, and talked to 2 people I hadn’t talked to before.  After school, I went with my friend Angie’s boyfriend Nick and my brother to go bowling.  We picked up Nick’s friend Mike, who I talked to and introduced myself.  I started conversations by talking about all the board games like DnD and Gamma War that were in his car, and asked him how to play them and about the games.  Then I also talked to him about art and drawing.

We later arrived at the bowling alley, and waited around for a half hour or so for the cheaper price.  The plan for bowling was to bring together Angie’s friends for a surprise birthday party. The first ones to arrive were Angie’s friend Lenea and her boyfriend.  I asked Lenea how she knew Angela and if she knew her from work, and she said they met at community college through Erica.  We talked for a bit, and I said I remembered seeing her once when she gave us senior ticket prices at the movie theater. She seemed pretty cool.  She had a quirky outfit on and sported a nose ring under her nose.

Then Erica came, who I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  We hugged and I talked to her a little about jobs.

At 5:30, Angela came.  Nick led her into the alley and had her close her eyes, and then she opened them and we surprised her!  She seemed happy to see us, as well as surprised.

Then Mitchell and Doug showed up, and they’re Angela’s friends from high school they said, and we talked about how we knew Angie.  I also talked to them about bowling and asked how good they are.

Luke then showed up at around 5:30, though Nick told him 4:30 since he knew he’d be late.

Brittany C. and Mika showed up next, and they were pretty quiet most of the time and were off by themselves at a table.  Eventually I went over to them and asked if they were bowling in the next round, and Brit said she was but Mika had thrown out his back and shoulder.  Mika seemed like an interesting guy, he wore a black army-type uniform head to toe with a black beret.  It was almost like an Edward Scissorshand outfit though.  They both seemed nice though.

I later met Kate, who was dressed head to toe in a goth outfit.  She wore a shirt that said something about Zombies and a long black denim skirt.  She said she’s a middle school counselor, which is cool.  We talked about bowling and she said she wanted to watch me bowl first so she could copy my form.  I won the last 2 games and lost the first between the 8 or so people that were playing at one time.  The 1st time my score was probably somewhere in the 70s, the second time I broke 100, and the third time I got 119, so I seemed to do better as the night went on.

It was cool getting to meet and talk to a lot of Angela’s friends.  I later met and talked to Dayana too.  I talked to about 8 of them out of 12, which is pretty good since the last couple came later.  So in total, it was an awesome day, and I talked to 10 strangers!  It was weird staying out so late Monday night during the school week, and I’m surprised that it was such a great day!


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