The Shyness Project


Well today’s date is pretty cool.  It’s supposedly a lucky day, and was apparently the senior skip day for my high school, though I didn’t even realize it.  I wouldn’t have skipped anyways.  I think the only classes I noticed that people were missing from were 1st and 6th period, especially 6th, where there were only like 10 of us out of a class of 35 or so.  It was a pretty easy day, it mostly consisted of watching movies and listening to guest presentations.

After school I walked Penny and Dexter again with Sean.  I had Dexter on one leash and Sean took Penny on the other, and this worked much better.  Still they got their leashes tangled up sometimes because they both wanted to be next to each other and sniff this and pee on that.  It was really cold outside, and it started sprinkling for a lot of the walk, and raining harder near the end.  We walked for nearly 2 hours, and my legs feel a little sore now.  I think the dogs had a good time though, despite some of the coldness and wetness we had to endure.  I gave them treats afterward and they seemed pretty happy.

Other than that today was pretty uneventful, unlike yesterday where a lot was going on.  But I did make some observations today.  As I was walking to my 6th period class today, navigating through the crowds, I thought to myself “Everyone’s concerned about themselves, they don’t care what I’m doing.”  This seemed to help me relax and worry less about where I’m looking and who I’m looking at.  I never know if I should stare ahead when passing by people, or if I should make eye contact and attempt a smile or something.  I usually think too much about it and worry about how I’m coming off. Reminding myself not to worry about it helped though.


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