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Berkeley Trip

Today I went to Berkeley to celebrate my friend Gabi’s birthday.  Her dad dropped me, Bonnie, Christa, and Gabi off at the building for the Nano High science lecture at around 9:30am since we left at 9am.  The lecture lasted an hour or so, and was on the topic of plastics and polymers.  Parts of it were interesting, and other parts made me a little sleepy.  Pearl and Aaron surprised us too and joined our group.

Afterwards we went to Sproul Plaza to swing dance (which is a big open space of Berkeley next to a fancy gate, it’s by the student store and golden bear cafe), and people didn’t show up until 12pm or so for the lesson.  I talked to about 7 strangers at swing dance and made small talk about Berkeley.  It was pretty cold outside, but it was still fun.

We saw a group of people African Dancing nearby, which was pretty cool.  Some were banging drums to make the music while others were dancing choreography.

At around 1:30pm we went to Crepes-A-Go-Go to split savory crepes and sweet crepes, which were pretty good.  We got a smoked chicken one that was alright and a chocolate+strawberry (with banana and whipped cream) one.   I think next time I’ll try a different savory crepe and a different sweet crepe.

Then Aaron and Pearl had to leave, so we walked them to BART and parted.  The rest of us continued on to Yogurt Land, where Gabi and Bonnie got some frozen yogurt.  We then wandered around different stores looking for marshmallows and chocolate for s’mores later, and eventually found a store that had both, CVS.  We didn’t end up making them when we got home though because it was sprinkling outside.

Then we took BART back and her dad picked us up from there.  We got back at her house at around 5:30pm, and a bunch of other family friends and friends shouted “Surprise!” and surrounded her with hugs and affection.  She looked pretty happy and I’m glad she seemed to have a really great birthday.  We ate burritos and had cake for dessert.  We also watched some “Pride and Prejudice” and hung out and talked.  I went home around 9:30pm and was pretty tired, but it was a pretty cool day.


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