The Shyness Project

Walking with Friends

This morning I drove to the local community college with my mom and went to the bookstore to pick up a packet I had to buy for a career class.  I talked to the bookstore clerk a little and got the packet, then headed home.  Then we dropped off my brother at the library for a brief meeting he had with the lady who’s going to hire him, and then I got dropped off at the park at around 12:35.  One of my friends was already there waiting, and I felt bad that I was a few minutes late but I didn’t have her number to call and tell her.  I have her number now though, and our other friend we were meeting up with came later than I did so we sat and talked for a bit while we waited.  I don’t know her too well so it was good talking to her about winter break and college classes, and we hugged when we met up.  She might actually take the same psychology class I’m going to take if she can get still get in.  I think that would be pretty cool.  Soon our other friend came and we exchanged more hugs, and then started on our walk.  We walked around the park, and around the lake, and then wandered off the path and explored this area of the park I’d never seen before.  There were a lot of overgrown plants and trees in this area, it was pretty cool.  There was a tire swing tied to a tree that we took turns on too.  It was actually a lot of fun walking and hanging out with them.  Sometimes they talked a lot about certain AP class homework that I didn’t have, so I couldn’t talk much then, but other times we talked about Christmas and other things that were going on. We walked around for about an hour or so, and then they had to go so I went home and I’m here now.  Sean has his friend over right now, so I’ll probably just take it easy the rest of the day.


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