The Shyness Project

Thoughts and Realizations

So far, I’ve noticed that having this shyness project and keeping this blog has been encouraging me to go outside and do things each day.  Having a blog keeps me motivated to do something every day, and I’ve noticed I’ve been a lot busier and more active than I normally am. Usually I’m content to just stay at home all day and read, go on the internet, or write.  I still do some of that stuff, but not as much as before and I’ve tried to fill my days up more with things to do.  I  notice that keeping busy and putting myself out there has been increasing my confidence.  I also notice that certain topics like careers and majors are something that I can easily talk about and go on and on about.

I’ve made a couple of phone calls in the past few days to friends I haven’t talked to in a while, and I’ve noticed that it’s a lot easier if I just pick up the phone and dial their number right away and hit send.  Sure maybe my heart will start beating really fast, but taking some deep breaths and looking myself in the mirror and reminding myself that I am confident and well-liked helps me relax a little.  The longer I wait to call someone the worse it gets, so it’s better to just do it quick without too much thinking.

The more I’ve been interacting with people, the happier I’ve been too.  I can honestly say that I’m doing great right now when people ask, whereas earlier before this project in late December I would shrug and say I was alright.  I spent a lot of time off on my own reading and writing, and didn’t spend much time trying to interact with anyone.


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