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Dog Walking Today

Today was another good day.  I walked my neighbor’s dogs Penny and Dexter since it was a nice(but chilly) day.  My brother and his friend were going to the park today anyways so I decided to go with them and take the dogs.  I thought it would just take an hour to walk around the park and the lake and back, but it actually took nearly 2 hours!  The dogs were difficult to walk too because they kept tangling their leashes and crossing in front of me and it wasn’t always easy.  After a while I got more used to it and was better at keeping them in one place, but still they liked to move around a lot in random directions and wanted to stop and sniff everything we passed.  It was fun though, and I enjoyed spending time with them.  After the walk I took them back to my neighbor’s house and gave them a treat, and they seemed really happy, especially Dexter. I left a note for my neighbor telling her that I had taken them for a long 2 hour walk today around community park, and they had been very excited.

She called me at around 8:30pm and left a message saying how happy and thankful she was that I had walked the dogs today.  She had to work late today and had just gotten home, so she had been feeling guilty about coming home so late, and was pleasantly surprised to see them so happy when she came home.  She said she could see a real difference in their behavior, they hadn’t chewed anything up and were even lying down on the couches, tired.  I thought that was funny because the long walk had tired ME out, and I didn’t expect it would have tired them out too since they always seemed to have so much energy.  But I called her back and talked to her and I felt good that I decided to walk them today and that it was so appreciated.  🙂


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2 thoughts on “Dog Walking Today

  1. Dogs rock, right? We have two and a cat and a fish and they never fail to liven up a day.

    • They really do, I’m so happy to be a dog walker for them! They are two really sweet dogs, and one of the dogs, Dexter, reminds me so much of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. We both were kind of scared of each other at first, he would growl and back away as I approached, and even though I was assured he wouldn’t bite me, I was nervous. But I kept trying and over time he let me come closer. And now he looks at me so lovingly with the cutest faces and is at my side everywhere I go and I can tell he really trusts me. They’re both rescue dogs but Dexter was the one who was the most afraid of people.

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