The Shyness Project

The First Step: Talk to Strangers

Throughout the whole project, I plan to record my thoughts, feelings, and findings.  I am going to work on recognizing my negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones.  I will try different methods like positive self talk, visualization of success, etc. to see what effect they have on me.  I realize that the way I perceive things is probably a huge factor in my shyness, and that a lot of my automatic thoughts and worries aren’t really that realistic.

The first step of the Shyness Project will be to make small talk with strangers.  The idea will be to make eye contact, say hello, and start a conversation.  My goal will be to talk to 30 strangers this month, and if it goes well, I will continue this each month.


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2 thoughts on “The First Step: Talk to Strangers

  1. I thought Rick Springfiled always said nNOT to talk to strangers? (It’s an ’80s song, look it up, and the joke will make sense!)

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